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Bottom Line "The LIES" don't work no more & the Rest of the World knows IT!

|Includes: CNY, GLD, PHYS, SLV, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors ETF (USD)

It really is quite easy to figure it out IF you allow yourself to believe the TRUTH.

The Bottom Line IS that QE II is ALL about the Banks just as the first QE was ALL about the Banks. There are at LEAST 600+ Trillion worth of Derivatives and as much as a Quadrillion STILL sitting on the Banks balance sheets. And with the announcement by the FED of an additional 600 Billion is actually a JOKE on the amount needed to heal the system. The FED could of said 6 Trillion and it would still NOT be enough but rather ONLY a band-aid to keep the system afloat. All that anyone in the US is willing to do is to "Kick the Can" down the road.

The END result will be the COLLAPSE of the US Dollar on either path that is chosen. The Leaders of the US who are beholden to the Banks and are "Bought and Paid far". If only they would force the Banks to expose their balance sheets. For ALL the Banks are insolvent and need to be liquidated. The Leaders REFUSE to hold anyone Responsible or Accountable for allowing the US to be Robbed of EVERYTHING with their help. NOT one person has seen JAIL time. At least during the Savings and Loan scandal of 1984-1988 their were 100 Bankers that went to JAIL. Until we are able to send the CRIMINALS to JAIL and restore some confidence there will be no HOPE of any Real turnaround.

Today is the start of the G-20 and ALL eyes are focused on the US with many calling the US Clueless the latest being Germany. This coming Monday I would not be shocked to see a Bank Holiday and the announcement of a New Currency (A 50/50 chance).

Are YOU one of the "Financially Walking Dead"?


Are you following the Lead of the other Countries that make up the G-20 and been stocking up on PHYSICAL Gold & Silver.

Here is an article I wrote some time back that holds even more true Today than ever before.

America is the Largest Paper Ponzi Scheme that has ever been created.