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When Tulip Bulbs were used as Currency / Money was it really that far Fetched?

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The use of Tulip Bulbs being used as Money many believe was an insane use for viable Currency. But was it really? As compared to what we are using today? When Historians look back on the days we are now in will they actually think we were all nuts for believing that electronic digits and paper with ink on it backed by NOTHING with NO Value but what we believe in our Minds as having some type of worth any better? Just think when the Confidence is GONE? Which if you are so naive to think that time can never come, you may have some very serious problems in the days that lie ahead. For those who were using those Tulip Bulbs thought the very same. And the more I think about it those Tulip Bulbs and those who were using those Tulip Bulbs were really not that crazy after I think more on what we are using today.

Luckily I am able to buy my insurance / protection using those electronic digits and that paper that I can trade while I still can for some REAL Physical Gold and Silver that I can take to ANY Country in the World and use now and most likely use at any point and time in the future. Too bad I can't say or feel the same thing about those electronic digits and that paper.

Do YOU have your Insurance / Protection?

Disclosure: I am long PSLV.

Additional disclosure: All Hard Assets