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The Biggest PHYSICAL Silver Month Already since 1986 !

|Includes: BAC, GLD, GS, JPM, PHYS, PSLV, SLV, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors ETF (USD)

And the Month of January still has a week to go. The Banks know that the 1st delivery Month for the COMEX in 2011 is not until March. But that is NOT Stopping those who are smart enough to beat the Short Squeeze and have bought 4.5 Million American Silver Eagles in January in the first three weeks alone. Breaking every rocord since its beginning in 1986. More Paper Silver is now FLOODING the Silver Market than any other time in History by the Banks that have their backs against the wall and are entering full panic mode in their attempt to surpress the price. And since we officially have ZERO Regulation from the CFTC for there is NO reason to think that anything will change anytime soon for the Regulators only turn their heads to the Criminal activity perpetrated by the Banks since August 15th 1971. And now the Silver Market is setting up to FAIL come March.

You can read about all the details from Harvey Organ who gives the best daily update FREE of Charge.

There are some even predicting $50 Silver by February, I am putting my money on March however.

Times are getting VERY Interesting to say the least.

Disclosure: I am long PSLV.

Additional disclosure: I only believe in Physical.