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The State of the Union Gets a BIG Fat " F " !

|Includes: BAC, GLD, GS, JPM, PHYS, PSLV, SGOL, SLV, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors ETF (USD), WFC

The JOKE on America seems that those who are in charge are more and more distant from the American People that it can make one SICK as to how SCREWED we really are.

With NO MENTION of ANY accountability about the Federal Reserve Bank and their latest admission to the "13 Trillion" the Fed admitted to DUMPING in the system without any approval after they were forced to admit too after the passing of the Dodd Frank Bill which makes EVERYTHING else just seem like NOISE. For Barack Obama has NO CLUE as to what it will take to put this Country back on track.

And then to hear Rep. Paul Ryan to come on afterwards and say just how we need to cut everything across the board or we will end up like Greece and or Ireland. Why did he not say we should now follow the path of Iceland? Which in TWO SHORT Years after telling the Central Banks where they could go by DEFAULTING on ALL their Debt and throwing them OUT of their Country. Iceland has since been able to heal themselves and become DEBT FREE and now have an Unemployment rate between 5-6% and well on their way to PROSPERITY TODAY!

Who in the FUCK are they kidding!

The Federal Reserve Bank is at the root of ALL the problems we are facing NOW! The Fractional Reserve Banking System is set up on the basis that so much debt will be created that it can NEVER EVER be paid back even if we wanted too! And in the end EVERYTHING will revert back to the Banks to where the People are left with NOTHING! And the People will be Nothing more than SLAVES to the System!

How much BankCock has these so called Leaders took up their ASS that they must NOW force it UP the American People's ASS? And I am NOT referring to that city in China.

Audit the FED then ABOLISH the FED and End the SLAVERY NOW!