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Where is the OUTRAGE ?

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Well Our  "Bought and Paid Far"  or  "Stupid and Clueless"  Leaders are starting their calls for Austerity.

The most recent being the Cap Tax proposed by Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Bob Corker of Tennessee.

I for one say "HELL NO" For it won't make a Difference Anyway! Except for more hardship and pain to the Tax Payers/People. Until there can be a FULL AUDIT of the Federal Reserve NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will make a difference to the People. I can Promise YOU that!

The Banking System that we use is the "Fractional Reserve Banking System" it is set up so the Banks can create Money out of thin AIR. For every Dollar they have in Deposits the Banks are allowed to CREATE OUT OF THIN AIR (9) Nine Dollars that they can use for Loans. Once those Loaned Dollars are placed in the System those Dollars can also create more Dollars out of thin air for they too make their way into other Banks that are ALLOWED to do the same. It is no different than a Snowball rolling down hill as to where so much debt has been created that it can NEVER EVER be Paid back even if we wanted to pay it back far there can NEVER EVER be enough money to do so for the M2 Money supply would NEVER allow it to happen. So in the END everything will revert back to the Banks leaving the People with NOTHING. Which in turn making the People Nothing more than mere SLAVES to the System we currently have in place.

The People have 2 Choices.

1) We can submit to being Slaves for Life.


2) Force a FULL Audit of the Federal Reserve Bank in which it would then cause a COLLAPSE of the SCAM Banking System we have been living under since December 23rd 1913 when 3 Senators pushed through the Federal Reserve Act after everyone went home for the Holidays "Merry Fucking Christmas". And then we can do what OUR Constitution says on what we should use as Money in this Country. And that would be the use of Gold & Silver as our Currency.

Let's NOT forget what the People of Iceland were able to achieve in 2 short Years after Defaulting on ALL of their Loans and throwing the Banks and their Leaders OUT. Today Iceland is DEBT FREE with an Unemployment rate of just over 5%. To bad we do NOT hear about this on CNBC & Bloomberg. But then again we are fed what the Masters in charge want us to hear for they control the majority of the media we are subjected too in this Country.

And now lets review a couple of FACTS!

1) The Federal Reserve Bank is no more Federal than Federal Express !

2) Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Bill the Federal Reserve Bank had to Disclose the amount of Money they injected into the system since 2008. The FED Disclosed they injected 13 TRILLION Without ANY Approval of ANY Federal Agency or approval of the People footing the Bill. Half of which was given to Europe all of which the American Tax Payer is Responsible far. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!

And to think I was worried about the Bush Tax Cuts being extended adding ONLY 500 Billion to the Debt Pile. While there are over 600 Trillion worth of Derivatives that the CFTC are still trying to figure out on how to regulate by July 1st "Which has a SNOWBALL's Chance in Hell of EVER being done RIGHT" per the Dodd-Frank Bill. And those pesky 100 Trillion "More Austerity"  in unfunded liabilities knocking on the door. The 7 Trillon worth of Toxic waste from Freddie and Fannie Mae also on the off balance sheet on the Fed's books. Not to mention the Muni bond market that is unraveling before our very eyes. Those with Pensions will wake up one day realizing their nest egg is no longer there. While 46 out of 50 States are underwater on their budgets and to think Austerity has any chance of actually working is beyond me. It is well past the point of no return no matter how you try to spin it. All while the Big Banks continue to get BailOut after BailOut and record bonsus. QE II has zero chance of ever ending for there are just way too many gaps "DERIVATIVES"  that need massive funding. For without an Audit and or a cleansing of the system the only road for the Dollar is that of self destruction. And that I can Promise YOU. We are currently on the Road to a total Financial Collapse. As to how soon it arrives will depend on the confidence People continue to have in this Ponzi Scheme America continues to protray as being legit. This is Nothing Less than a form of Financial Terrorism. Just who really are the Real Terrorist in the World Today? What are Our Boys and Girls really fighting far? Is it for the Survival of the Big Banks and our Own enslavement?

The Violence now happening in the Middle East will soon be on the shores of the US it is only a matter of time. "Have you heard what's Happening in Wisconsin?" The Slaves of the World are starting to wake up.

I am personally calling for April 1st "how ironic" as the Day when MOST People FINALLY realize the System is FAILING at a much greater speed amd Reality FINALLY sinks in "although to late". The cause will likely lie on the CFTC for their FAILURE to Regulate the Precious Metal Markets. Per the Dodd-Frank Bill they were to have in place by January 17th "they missed it & I know why" Position Limits on the Large Commercial Banks but FAILED to do so. The new date is now set for Mid-March. I am sure it will have little substance or very watered down if it even ever happens or has a chance too. And since the exposure of the Paper Ponzi Scheme in the PM markets on March 25th 2010 at a CFTC Hearing it will now cause a MASSIVE FAIL to Deliver in the Silver Market come March of 2011 "March is the 1st Delivery month for Silver in 2011". All thanks to Failed / Corrupt Regulation we currently have in place. Andrew Maguire who exposed the FRAUD at JP Morgan Chase at the hearing on March 25th 2010, has also promised to release more information in the coming weeks that will place People in Jail "His words not mine."

That is IF he can stay alive for there has already been one attempt on his life last March just after the hearing. It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep a lid on ALL the Corruption happening at the present time. Far it is much harder to cover up a LIE than the TRUTH. And with ALL the LIES we have today it is becoming even to much for the Manipulators to keep it all straight. Silver is currently in Backwardation until Dec 2013 HELLO! c-link below

For those who wish to keep up on the Daily Manipulation of the Precious Metal Markets there is none better than Harvey Organ. See link below:

Once Again WHERE is the OUTRAGE!

BTW....If you are looking for a hedge against the Never Ending Devaluing Dollar there is No better Insurance than Silver. Turn the Game being Played back on the Manipulators. There will be a time soon when you will not even be able to Buy PHYSICAL Silver at the current prices. Wall Street ONLY knows how to SELL Worthless Paper to the tune of 100X more Paper Metal than the Physical Metal currently available aka PONZI Scheme! You are still able to find Metal to Buy at APMEX, link below. And don't worry about the never ending price swings just be thankful you can still get some REAL Silver and or Gold.

An interesting fact about Gold and Silver. If all the above ground Gold was to be divided equally among everyone in the world. Each person would get .8 of One oz of Gold. If all the above ground Silver was divided equally among everyone in the world each person would only get .3 of One oz of Silver. Just think on how HIGH the Value of PHYSICAL Silver can rise going forward when the Paper Ponzi Scheme Fails? All thanks to the Derivatives that are in the system compliments of Wall Street and the FED with ZERO Regulation from our Regulators. The current price of Gold is $1375 and Silver $30.50, but be prepared to Pay Higher prices for the REAL Physical Metal. And don't worry about the price swings. Just be thankful it is still available for such cheap prices. For Physical Gold & Physical Silver will be one of the few things that will actually hold some value when the music stops. For the Dollar is on life support as we speak.  And when just part of the System FAILS it can easily bring down the ENTIRE Financial System "DERIVATIVES". Are YOU really Protected against what is coming? That Paper you hold Dear will NOT save you from the pain and missery of what lies ahead.

Just think of what it takes to live everyday and buy and stockpile as much as you can. Far soon all of those items will also be worth their weight in Gold and Silver.

One last question to Ask Yourself.

In the Last 100 Years can You name JUST ONE THING that the Government has done that actually turned out the way it was supposed too?

Disclosure: I am long PSLV.

Additional disclosure: I believe in any hard asset than believing in some worthless piece of paper.