Will there be a DEFAULT at the CRIMEX aka "COMEX" at the End of March?

Mar. 23, 2011 7:51 AM ETUSD, GS, JPM, WFC, BAC, GLD, SLV, PSLV, PHYS2 Comments
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A Grandfather who only wish is to give his children and grandchildren the same chance as he once had. And to Protect my wealth by holding PHYSICAL Gold & Silver and every REAL commodity. You can keep those electronic digits and green paper.

The World seems to be sinking into the abyss with each passing day. The COMEX must deliver 625,000 oz's of Physical Silver each day until the end of March or face a DEFAULT. I am sure they will be offering 100%+ of FIAT $$'s to those who are waiting for their Deliveries.

And that's NOT Counting the OVER 7 BILLION OZ's Sold SHORT while there MAY BE 300 Million oz's available IF THAT!


Now add in the fact that in 3 days the FED must DISCLOSE where the 13 TRILLION went that they injected in the system since 2008. Now that's a problem.

While Japan's drinking water has been contaminated as the reactors are still overheating are only making matters worse.

This is all happening when Portugal is telling the Bank's where they can go with their proposed Austerity measures.

It may be TIME to add more to your Physical Silver ROCKET SHIP!

Let's NOT forget OIL and our Buddie Qadaffi willing to go down with his sinking ship.

But DON'T WORRY if you listen to CNBC or Bloomberg you will hear that everything in the Financial World is FINE and the Recovery is Full Steam Ahead!

Can somebody pass me that Blunt they are smoking on TV?

Gary Gessler has been over in Europe this last week stressing how there needs to be transparency in the commodities market. Where has this Clown from the CFTC been for the last 3 YEARS? He too knows its OVER! Too little too late!

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