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I can GUARANTEE You 20% on Your Money by noon Today !

The headline is TRUE, I can Guarantee YOU 20% on your Money by  Lunchtime. With the dollar declining against ALL commodities has made the cost to the US treasury in minting coins Skyrocket!

After breakfast today just head to your local bank and trade your paper currency for Nickels, you read right trade your paper for Nickels. The cost of making the Nickel which is 75% copper and 25% nickel is worth 6 cents in the metal content alone. Do your part in bringing down the corrupt banking system we have today while making 20% in REAL Hard Assets.

And while you are at it don't forget to hoard those pre 1982 pennies which are now worth 2.5 cents. That's 150% net GAIN right off the bat. See Uncle Sam is giving everyone a equal chance to bleed the system DRY!

Disclosure: Physical Hard Assets