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DieselGate: Daimler US Lawsuit - Mercedes BlueTech Diesel Emits NOx At Levels 65 Times Higher Than Those Permitted.


DieselGate: Daimler US Lawsuit - Mercedes BlueTech Diesel Emits NOx At Levels 65 Times Higher Than Those Permitted.

We have a sequel to our Volkswagen DieselGate. After total disgrace demonstrated by EU Parliament when they DOUBLED the limits for auto-makers we can safely state that nobody of auto-makers can really comply with any cancer hazard toxic diesel emissions standards.

Volkswagen DieselGate: EU Failed Us - Parliament Agrees To Double Cancer Hazard Emissions From Diesel Cars.

"You have been warned: Diesel Cars with Double Amount of Cancer Hazard Emissions are allowed now in EU to drive next to you, or maybe even you are driving one as well? Actually, it is even more - nobody can comply with the tests in the real road conditions anyway. At least now you know how democracy works in Europe under Auto Lobby management. Very unfortunately, I am not surprised at all at this decision. Wide spread corruption among our "servants for the people" is killing not only the true nature of capitalism system, but thousands of people literally. It is a total disgrace to allow lobbyist on behalf of companies like Volkswagen to rule our lives and decide how many should survive. But nothing is lost, vote with your wallets - Volkswagen sales in U.S. are dropping like a stone by 15% in January. It is quite stupid after all to pay your own money to poison you own kids with cancer hazard pollution from "Clean Diesel" and "Not-So-Dirty Petrol" cars. There is The Solution: Lithium Technology is here and cheaper lithium batteries change everything for electric cars, solar and wind power generation. Read more."

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February 4, 2016 - EU Institutions

Volkswagen And DieselGate: The Solution - Lithium Technology Is Here To Change Our World.

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: EU Commission Proposes To Bring Carmakers Into Line After Diesel Gate.

"Let's see now how our "servants of the people" in EU will withstand the pressure of millions being spent on lobbying by Auto Industry. Read more"

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: 95% Of Diesel Cars Pump Out Illegal Levels Of Killer Toxins.

Mail Online.

"Daily Mail is putting the ducks in the row with deadly truth about DieselGate and Volkswagen Fallout: 95% of "Clean Diesel" cars pump out illegal levels of killer toxin. Yes, it is the huge scandal and Daily Mail is positioned greatly to bring this ugly deadly truth finally to the masses breathing all this cancer hazard pollution. The solution is here, some people just prefer you not to think about it.

IsideEv reports about undeniable trend with sales of Electric Cars. We are going exponentially from very small base and already have "Lithium Market Upheaval" in China. Slowly but surely we are getting there. Recent news about police raids at Renault are not helping ICE Age crowd to spin its "Clean Diesel" any more. Volkswagen, hopefully, made it very apparent: it is quite stupid after all to pay yourself to poison you very own kids with cancer hazard polluting "Clean Diesel" ICE Age rubbish. All we need now is better and cheaper electric cars and they are finally coming with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Read more."

Lithium Race: Tesla Model S Leads Top Selling Electric Cars in U.S. 2015.

Market Watch.

"Market Watch has provided us with this brilliant illustration of the trend in Electric cars in 2015 in U.S. Despite being the most expensive one, Tesla Model S is outselling with a very big margin Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt by 49% and 67% respectively. It proves my personal observations: we have seen nothing yet in this Energy rEVolution: electric cars share is 0.7% in U.S. of total car sales! People are buying quality, Tesla Model S is providing such quality in the luxury sector and outselling BMW 7 and Audi 8 in Europe already and is taking on Mercedes S! Now we need quality electric cars for the mass market and GM Bolt is a great electric car to start it. Tesla Model 3 will make this market to happen for real and First EV Price Wars will drive the EV prices down, hopefully, for all of us to benefit. Despite total insignificance of electric cars in market terms now, lithium battery consumption of lithium is already around 40%. Once we will start buying all electric cars, which will be better than "Clean Diesel" or 'Not-So-Dirty" Petrol and with the same or even cheaper price, we will have the Lithium Market Upheaval Joe Lowry is writing about in China all over the world. We are making the dramatic shift from the remote control with two batteries, to mobile devices with 4-10 equivalent and now we are moving to over 7,000 lithium batteries equivalent like in Tesla Model S. Below you can find my chronicles of the Energy rEVolution and Joe Lowry latest information from "Opaque Lithium Kingdom." Read more."

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: The Dirty Truth About 'Clean Diesel'.

New York Times.

"I do hope that you have recharged your batteries and even managed to start detoxing after the festivities. 2016 is knocking impatiently on the door with the global sell-off in the markets: China has the worse ever duties trading start with circuit breakers applied today and Saudi Arabia is ready to blow out in the developing crisis of epic proportions.

Time is to remind ourselves that all "Democracy Wars" are based on our dependence on Oil and now we have the Solution: Lithium Technology is here and Electric Cars are already better than the one-hundred-years-old ICE cancer hazard polluting rubbish. We just need to make them cheaper and better. While we are working on it, please, find links below for your own research. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, China can be perceived as something quite afar and not an immediate danger, more information on how your own car is slowly killing your own kids, maybe, can do the trick. New York Times article will put you research into the right direction today. All the links are still there, as, very unfortunately, all "Clean Diesel" cars on our streets and "Not-So-Dirty Petrol" ones. Read more."

DieselGate Volkswagen Fallout: Car Pollution Scandal - EU Parliament To Set Up Enquiry On Green Initiative.

"There is some faith left in the humanity after all. People are smart and the best of us can even sustain intensive GMO and Reality TV brain damaging attacks. The best are moving forward very fast now into the future into the post carbon economy. You are all invited to join. Lithium Technology is here to make it all happen. No fighting or even confrontation is required, just vote with your wallet and credit cards: stop buying 100 years old ICE Diesel and Petrol powered technology which is literally poisoning to death with cancer hazard emissions your very own children. Please, spread the world and links below are for your own research. Read more."

BBC Video: How Volkswagen Fooled The World With A Scam To Rig Pollution Tests And They Do It Again.

BBC has produced the great documentary presenting very graphically the depth of deception by auto-makers. Volkswagen DieselGate fallout has very far reaching complications: it is not only NOx, but CO2 as well; and it is not only Volkswagen. And do you know that EU has just doubled the limits for cancer hazard diesel emissions and has postponed their implementation? They do not like you to know it, so you can find everything on the links below to make you own judgement. Sales of Electric Cars has sky rocketed in Germany in October. It is quite stupid in the end to pay yourself to poison your kids with cancer hazard pollution every day. All we have to do is just stop paying for all those lies and stop buying all that rubbish. Now we have the solution - Lithium Technology is already here.

BBC video: Panorama

The VW Emission Scandal

DieselGate: Germany Investigates Diesel Emissions Manipulation Beyond Volkswagen In More Than 50 Models.

"As we have discussed it here before, this DieselGate is only the tip of an iceberg and we have a full blown AutoGate. The ugly truth is that all costs accounted ICE cars are already more expensive than Electric Cars. And how will you account for human lives? Just stop buying that rubbish, it is quite stupid to pay yourself to poison your kids with cancer hazard pollution after all. Read more."

AutoGate: It's Not Only NOx, But CO2 As Well. It's Not Only Diesel, But Petrol As Well And It Is Not Only Volkswagen.

I have been discussing this subject for quite a while here and was even censored by Twitter, which I take personally as a compliment. A lot of information is already available on the web about all these touchy subjects and just waiting for mass media to pick it up. It is impossible to swipe it under the rug any more.

In 2012 WHO has reported about the Diesel Pollution As Cancer Risk, last week EU governments have pushed to DOUBLE toxic cancer hazard diesel emissions limits and postpone their implementation. All North American readers should watch Europe closely now. Which shoe will drop next? It is all there on the links below with names.

Latest news from Volkswagen has just moved us from DieselGate to a full blown AutoGate: It is not only NOx cancer hazard diesel emissions, but CO2 as well, it is not only Diesel, but Petrol as well and it is not only Volkswagen … Just wait for the new revelations to come and watch how Electric Cars are taking over in the largest auto market in the world in China first and then spread like a wild fire all over the world. Who will benefit and who will fade into oblivion? You can make your own decisions with the facts on the links below.

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: VW Emissions Scandal - US Regulators Find More Cars With Cheat Tests.

There is no surprise here, unfortunately. I guess, that nobody can really comply with emissions standards under the real test drive conditions. As we have discussed before:

"Joe Lowry shares with us today another brilliant article about the state of Lithium Supply and Demand in the days when, finally ALL Auto-makers know that they cannot meet standards limiting toxic cancer hazard emissions. The ICE based technology just has reached its thermodynamic limits. Auto-makers not only know it, but they have admitted it in Europe this week in the most disgusting fashion by lobbying their dirty friends among politicians to DOUBLE toxic cancer hazard emissions from Diesel Cars and to delay their implementation.

Electric Cars have reached The Point Of No Return. How many people will we save before The Silicon Valley economics will make all cars electric is up to all of us now. We need cheaper and better electric cars, we need mass market for EVs. We need volume. Where the lithium will be coming from to make it possible? Joe Lowry has his insider knowledge about it. We are just making it happen at International Lithium with our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium $1.7 Billion market cap giant from China.

The future is electric and if you would like to know more this weekend, you can find links below and Joe will be your guide in his "Opaque Kingdom of Lithium". Joe Lowry estimates 88% increase in lithium demand in 5 years and "The Industry is approaching a full blown shortage situation" - according to him. Stay tuned as I will cut out a few tracks this weekend and maybe even some serious staff will be on our AC/DC digital waves soon. Read more." BBC article is here.

DieselGate And Corruption: EU Governments Double And Delay Air Pollution Limits For Diesel Cars.

Erik Jonnaert, ACEA Secretary General

"Exhaust from diesel engines contributes to air pollution and is a cancer hazard to humans," said Dr. Kurt Straif. Forbes.

EU governments have demonstrated today one more time that corruption is without borders and party limits. It is the very bad decision and totally diminish our politicians, who has lost today any credibility, to the status of corporate puppets on payroll. The only good news is that this act of treason on part of politicians against the public health just demonstrates that ICE technology just can't deliver any more, it has reached its limitations. Fossils are not only among fuels. Now you all will be sold even more polluting rubbish and our streets will be even more dangerous filled with cancer hazard toxic emissions. Your hard earned money will go to support those dirty politicians killing your kids. Just stop buying it and spread the word. Donate your RT.

Volkswagen, DieselGate And Now AutoGate: Car Emissions Testing - "The Whole System Is Corrupt"

"London smog: 'We spend billions per year on tests in a lab. Useless … We want to clean up the environment, not the labs' (Photo: stu mayhem)" - euobserver.

No surprises, here for me unfortunately. Peter Teffer reports straight from the heart of "EU Capital" in Brussels:

"Volkswagen is not the only car company that used illegal devices to cheat emissions tests, said Axel Friedrich, a German emissions testing expert who is a co-founder of the NGO that notified US authorities something was wrong with VW's test results.

"You will see tomorrow night on German television the next case", Friedrich said on Wednesday (21 October) in the European Parliament.

"It's not only diesel, it's also gasoline. The whole system is corrupt", he added."

WHO: DieselGate Is A Cancer Problem - Auto Industry Calls "Not To Jeopardise Diesel As One Of Its Key Pillars."

Dear Mr Erik Jonnaert, Secretary General of UN, sorry … of ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association), please be careful, couple of NRs like this one and those "pillars" can hit you on the head very hard! "Clean Diesel" Dream is dead, unfortunately with thousands of people killed by it. It is time to move on, not just to pretend that autos are changing, but embrace that change for real. I love all those articles now how Volkswagen moves so fast into electric cars space. I would like to believe it, but why are they signing this NR asking for delay in emissions standards implementation and lobbying in EU for The Toxic Emissions Limits to be INCREASED? On behalf of all what is left of the brain-healthy population, I tell you that we will not buy all that killing us last century oil thirsty rubbish any more. My dear girls and boys, please, do not let me down here and stay for a bit to find out why I am breaking into this smoking party here.

I can understand Auto-makers very well: they have invested Billions in the "Clean Diesel" scam and related technology. Can you imaging for them to admit now that all those plants, equipment, all that already produced cancer hazard spitting rubbish is a total waste? They do not care about you or your kids for real: just read the News Release from ACEA below. But shareholders are the different story: they will tear them apart. This is where the real worry comes and this is where is your power. All that rubbish has to be sold to somebody. I do hope that not to you any more. Just do this one thing: do not buy it - the rest we will do for you and your kids, there is the solution.

Mass media is very slow to react to this scandal, but how could they? Auto sector must be one of the largest advertisers for the mass media. There are reports that the first thing Volkswagen did was, no not EV announcements there ones came later, but their Ad Agency has threatened to pull out all advertisement from the papers reporting on Volkswagen scandal. Advertisement is going on-line now where "They" are censoring you once you start talking about the real things. By the way, I cannot really read that article on the link above on Forbes, I found it in another place and the WHO report is below for your kind attention.

So girls and boys it is all up to us. Will you allow "Them" just to take over your iPhoneor Twitter account or can they mess up with all your life? That report from WHO "Diesel Engine Exhaust Carcinogenic" is … from 2012! All we have to do now is just not to allow this BS happen around us any more, technology is here to help us. Educate yourself and help to educate others. Donate your RT, do not suffer in silence. Everybody who is still talking about more pollution coming from Electric Cars, please, do not bother - enjoy the fumes, apparently brain damage from the air pollution is the very serious issue as well now.

International Agency for Research on Cancer

World Health Organisation.

IARC: Diesel Engine Exhaust Carcinogenic.

DieselGate: Auto Industry Calls For More Time To Properly Poison Our Kids With Increased Deadly Emissions.

After all sorry, apologies and our dreams about Good Uncles all come together and push for clean air for all of us we have the answer from European Automobile Manufacturers' Association to all my questions yesterday. It begins, European Auto Industry is lobbying not for electric cars, but for more time to poison us all properly with increased levels of toxic emissions. Have you heard about ENRON? Yes, these guys are even smarter: they are auditing their emissions themselves and paying money to EU in order not to have a proper limits on toxic emissions which are carcinogenic and your kids are breathing it. Can somebody tell ACEA about Electric Cars, please? Will we blow our chance to push them to come Clean again?

"We are fully aligned with the need to better measure the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel cars and vans under normal driving conditions," stated Erik Jonnaert, ACEA Secretary General. "However, it is important to proceed in a way which allows manufacturers to plan and implement the necessary changes, without jeopardising the role of diesel as one of the key pillars for fulfilling future CO2 targets."

Translation: "Nobody In Auto Industry Can Meet The Toxic Emissions Standards Even After We Have Spent Millions To Lobby All Possible Politicians In Order Not To Make It."

ACEA represents the 15 Europe-based car, van, truck and bus manufacturers: BMW Group, DAF Trucks, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NASDAQ:FCA), Ford of Europe, Hyundai Motor Europe, IVECO, Jaguar Land Rover, Opel Group, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault Group, Toyota Motor Europe, Volkswagen Group, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group.

Few links for Mr Erik Jonnaert and other Good Uncles in the boardrooms. RT, please, maybe they do not know it, maybe some of them can still read and will think about their own grandchildren. Read more."

Video #UK Transport Committee #Volkswagen Group #emissions violations

The Statistics About Diesel Are Crystal Clear. It's Deadly … Automakers Asking About 70% Emissions Increase.

BBC On DieselGate: Air Pollution Second Only To Active Smoking - The 'Invisible Killer' Of The Air On Our Streets.

It's Not Just Volkswagen: Mercedes, BMW, Mazda And Ford Break Up To 7 Times Toxic Emissions Limits.

Daily Mail.

DieselGate: They ALL Are Here - Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi Break Emissions Limits.


Daimler faces US lawsuit over diesel emissions

A US law firm is suing the German premium carmaker for alleged violations of US emissions laws, claiming Daimler's BlueTech vehicles emit nitrogen oxide at levels 65 times higher than those permitted.

USA Detroit Autosalon 2016

US law firm Hagens Berman said Thursday it had filed a class action lawsuit against Daimler in the District Court of New Jersey, stating the German premium carmaker knowingly programmed its Clean Diesel vehicles to deceive consumers about emissions levels.

The law firm filed the lawsuit in the name of an owner of a Mercedes BlueTech diesel car, which was allegedly found to emit dangerous levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) 65 times higher than permitted when operating in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (below 10 degrees Celsius).

According to Hagens Berman, the complaint also stated that on-road testing confirmed that Mercedes' so-called Clean Diesel cars produced average on-road NOx emissions that were 19 times higher than the US standard.

"Mercedes labeled its BlueTEC vehicles as 'earth friendly,' selling consumers the false notion that these diesel cars were less harmful to the environment. Its 'champion of the environment' mantra was a sham," Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman, said in a statement. "It appears that Mercedes has been caught in a similar scheme as Volkswagen, reaping profits from those who have fallen victim to its aggressive and deceptive eco-conscious branding."

A spokesperson for Daimler told the news agency Reuters on Friday that the company considered the lawsuit to be "unfounded," and that the auto maker would scrutinize the test results to prepare a case in its defense.

Watch video06:18


BlueTech blues

Daimler has marketed its BlueTech diesel technology as "the world's cleanest and most advanced diesel" with ultra-low emissions, high fuel economy and responsive performance that emits up to 30 percent lower greenhouse-gas emissions than gasoline."

Hagens Berman now seek damages for those who purchased the affected vehicles, including injunctive relief in the form of a recall or free replacement program. They also want restitution for car owners, including either recovery of the purchase price or overpayment or diminution in value due to Mercedes' allegedly misleading statements on emissions.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP is a consumer-rights class-action law firm with offices in 10 cities. It has already brought high-profile cases against General Motors, Toyota and Kia, and was the first firm in the US to file a lawsuit against Volkswagen (VW) and Audi for their use of emissions-cheating software. The firm is now in a leadership position in the VW multi-district litigation.

"When we filed the first lawsuit against Volkswagen regarding their use of emissions-cheating software, we felt they were not the only culprits duping consumers into paying a high price for deceptive diesels," Berman said. "Mercedes' deception involves a cover-up of even higher levels of pollution, and consumers paid high prices for these luxury vehicles, only to be forced to drive diesel cars dirtier than their gasoline counterparts."

Disclosure: I am/we are long TRRXF, ILHMF.