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“What Steve Jobs Understood About Business That Apple Does Not Know Today!”

There is a often forgotten secret about how Steve Jobs made Apple an exciting brand. It was not just the stylish commercials, that helped. It was not the products, though that helps. Something is missing in Apple-land today.


There was a news story in the financial times about Apple's plans to buy Beats audio for 3.2bn dollar. Buried within the story was a mention that Apple's Marketing Chief was unhappy with the performance of their Advertising agency and might be ready to firing them.

>>> Apple executives have admitted that its brand is in need of a revamp. Internal emails released during its recent patent trial with Samsung showed that its marketing chief Phil Schiller considered changing Apple's ad agency after the success of its Korean rival's "next big thing" campaign. <<<

I started wondering, the Ads that Apple are putting out today are as stylish and sometimes inspirational as the Ads put out when Steve Jobs was alive. What is the problem?

One of it is Apple has stiffer competition than in previous years. Android competitors are simply springing up left and right with more features and better pricing.

But still I think Steve Jobs understood something that few of the execs running Apple today know. Steve Jobs was not just the master marketer who approved all their Ads even during his time at his death bed. He was a master showman. He understood how to get free media through playing the attention of the press against rivalries and controversy.

In an interview with the WSJ when both Jobs and Bill Gates were interviewed together the interviewer was somewhat astounded that the two would even share a stage given how much bad blood there was between them and what they have said about each other. Steve Jobs has called Bill Gates a thief and someone who lacks any kind of taste.

It was later revealed that they had been close friends and even shared a meeting during the last few months of Job's life.

But the controversy and the bad blood played. The press ate it up. It sold too, it kept computers in the news.

Remember when an iPhone was left and lost at a bar and then
Apple attacked the person who 'stole' the prototype and even asked for it back? Wow that was cool shit.

Sometimes what a major organization lacks is that gritty exec who knows how to start a great controversy, how to stir the curiosity, how to keep having people talking about what new secret features might be leaked if god forbid a prototype leaks.

It's a goddamn phone people. Lol. How much magic do you really think could have been in any of those new models?

And yet people kept wondering, and their imaginations were filled with possibilities about the future and the next big thing.

Wow. I love that.

No one at apple understand the entire media firestorms and wide scale campaigns that Steve Jobs could generate just by calling a rival an 'idiot' and the hundreds of millions worth of free media it bought.

That's why he sold product.

That's what they don't have right now.

~Wes Chong
"Amatuer" Investor