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e-Cigarettes and it's effect on Pfizer and PM

Johnathan Vrozos JV and his friends today were given sample e-cigarettes to try. As smokers (tryting to quit) we'll try anything. We have tried Nicorette, Nicotine patches and cold turkey. Nothing has worked for long.

A man from Boca Raton Florida first mentioned this product after he witnessed some Toronto Canada police officers puffing on them in a pub. There was nothing illegal about it because there was and is no tobacco. It is a clever system which emits sprays of nicotine into the sysytem when puffed. It comes in various strengths and flavors.

Pfizer is very concerned and is lobbying the alcohol and gaming commission to ban this product and is trying to use the police to enforce a law that does not exist. Their witnesses are useless because they are a witness to something that is not illegal. There is no tobacco so the Tobacco Act does not apply. Pfizer makes the Nicorette and the patch. Their sales will be greatly compromised if this e-cig takes off. Johnathan Vrozos JV believes this will be a big winner.

Phillip Morris, Japan Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and British Tobacco want this to die real quick!! Theyare saying it is a corrupt product for our youth in college. They have been corrupting our insides for decades!!! What hypocrits!!!! They are also lobbying the Feds to use police forces scare people.

This country was built on free enterprise and free choice. So let it be and stop the influence peddling within the walls of the legislature.


By Johnathan Vrozos JV