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What are binary options and auto signals?

Binary options trading, as the name suggests, is where the trader is to choose between one of two options. This means that they will either definitely win or lose. Unlike many other trading systems where the payoff is a continuous value, binary options offers the trader a fixed amount of payoff in the event that his or her option is what actually happens. For example, if you bid one hundred dollars that the value of a certain company will rise, then if you win you get a preset percentage of your investment regardless of the size of the move that the company has made. Binary options trading is common in financial markets and is mainly practiced in forex and stock exchange.

When trading in the binary options system, it is important to realize that what you are doing is basically informed betting. The informed nature is virtue of the fact that there are many research tools, indicators and signals that a trader can use to increase chances of accuracy in prediction of market trends. Some signals are programmed such that even in your absence they can open or close a trade for you based on your analysis and set perimeters. These are referred to as auto binary signals and can literally help you make money in your sleep. They work by sending the trader alerts when a trend is proceeding as he or she had predicted. Most of these cross over and are commonly used in other trading systems. However, trade signals used for binary options need to be fast acting and efficient when working with small time periods. This is because, more often effective and profitable when done on short time intervals of between thirty seconds and five minutes. Below are the best binary options signals.

  1. Binary Brain Wave- This is one of the best and most reliable auto binary options websites. More often than not, the alerts are offered as pop-up messages on your trading platform of choice. However, you can choose to have them sent directly to your emails for access through the phone. This is a very handy features and allows the trader to be fully aware of emerging market trends even when they are away from their screens. After receiving the signal, the trader can either choose to use it to open or close a trade or to continue analyzing for a bigger prediction. Other features of Binary Brain Wave include:
  • Provides signals for all sessions
  • Over ten signals per day
  • Signals come at specific times (ten minutes to the next hour). This means that you don't have to keep on checking your phone only to open your email and find there is nothing for you.
  • Over 80%accuracy over the past.
  • Installation is easy and free.
  • 24/7 customer care and support services available in case you need help or you want to execute a trade but for some reason you can't.
  1. Binary Ascend- This is another one of the greats in the auto binary options world and is designed in such a way that the user has as much control as he requires to make maximum profits. It is simple yet highly effective. The trader is not only given the signals but also suggestions on what to do with the information. It works using the Meta Trader 4 platform which gives the trader real time updates which they are able to monitor and use directly. When a user is online and there is an important signal, Binary Ascend sends message to the trader through their MT4 account. Otherwise it sends directly to the phone. Other great features include:
  • Thirty minute limit on expiry times for open trades with set closing points.
  • Offers frequent free upgrades.
  • 24/7 Customer care and support in case of issues at any time.
  • Signals sent through email, text or Meta Trader 4 chats.
  • Works best with EUR/USD for which it was designed.
  1. Binary Options Bullet Guide- Binary Options Bullet Guide is an easy to understand and use binary options signals. They offer signals in four different ways. He first is where the traders are given charts that they study and use to find out the most profitable entry or exit points. Signals are also given by studying expert's moves which is a feature available in Meta Trader 4. The last two are where the signal website sends messaged to you either through your email or Meta Trader 4. Other interesting features include:
  • Expiry times range between thirty minutes and one hour.
  • Full package available at $69.
  • 24/7 client support.
  1. Pro signals- This is one of the few auto binary option signaling websites where signals are sent via text. This means that you are immediately notified when there is information that could help you trade with no delays. Signals are also sent by email and platform chat boxes and messengers. They are limited by the fact that they predominantly offer signals from US and European sessions. Other features include:
  • Free fourteen day trial then a purchase of ninety seven US dollars every month after.
  • Six to twelve signals per day ensuring that the trader is kept up to date throughout the day.
  • Full membership offers trader opportunity to get tips from experts.
  • Uses trusted brokers and platforms for reliability and to avoid fraudsters.
  1. The Forex Peace Army- Otherwise known as the FPA, this signaling website mainly sends signals via email. The signals are easy to understand and apply especially when the trader is in a hurry. Their success rate is also very important giving prospective clients true hopes. Other features include:
  • 24/7 client support
  • The signals are completely free.

All the above named auto binary signal systems are available in similar named websites. They are all available as packages that you buy and renew regularly. Traders should however be very careful because the internet is flooded with scam groups promising traders 100% accurate signals, overnight wealth gain and other false and unreasonable promises. It goes without saying that you cannot successfully trade in binary options without the right auto signals system. Any of the ones on this list should help set you in the right path to financial success.