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Even the most casual observer of the current economic scene, knows that that there is something different about the way capital is being allocated in the American economy today.  Billie Holiday had it right in her classic, God Bless the Child, written in 1939 at the end of the Great Depression and updated for the Baby Boomer generation in 1968 with the great Blood Sweat and Tears version.

Them that’s got shall get Them that’s not shall lose So the Bible said and it still is news
Yes, the strong gets more While the weak ones fade Empty pockets don’t ever make the grade Mama may have, Papa may have But God bless the child that’s got his own. .  

A 2010 update could be speaking about the major multi-national corporations and big banks, which surely have their own and then some.  On the other hand “Main Street” private companies are more likely to relate to verse two, singing the blues refrain that “empty pockets don’t ever make the grade”.  Yet the data is irrefutable: jobs in America are created by small, growing firms, not by the corporate giants.  When the recovery comes, and it always does, where will the money come from to fund the growth of the companies that we’re counting to create the jobs?

To answer that question the Tough Times blog has moved to Capital Matters.  Here we will focus on the critical financial issues that face Main Street American business in this new decade as economic conditions slowly begin to improve: Where will the money come from to support renewed growth?  We will cover topics of current interest to business owners and their advisers with a focus on economics and finance as they impact private and entrepreneurial firms.  We will also dive deep to provide practical insight on various financial tools that private firms can use to obtain the funding they will require to sustain growth in the coming years.

In addition to the new name for our site, we’re offering an alternative delivery format, video posts with highlights from the blog.  Click on this link for our first post.  Look for some experimentation as we supplement the written posts with video and vice versa.  One thing that particularly interests us is the opportunity to interview experts on various financial topics of interest to business owners using the Proclaim Messenger tool that powers our videos.  If you have suggestions as to great topics, please give us a call or shoot us an email.

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