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Towne for Congress Releases First Newspaper Ad!!!!

 "America was conceived in liberty, and I will not let our Republic fall to the cowards who defile her without a bitter fight." - Jake Towne, in a July 3rd, 2009 speech "Regaining Our Individual Rights."

Dear Friends of Liberty,

To kick off the New Year, in tomorrow's Morning Call newspaper, the campaign has released its first half-page print advertisement. This ad will be delivered to over 100,000 households in the district, in addition to all newspaper vendors.  As can be seen below, the ad both promotes the campaign and several upcoming Towne Halls in Allentown this Thursday, and in Bethlehem on February 1st and March 15.  See upcoming events here for more events and details.  This ad can be downloaded and printed out in PDF from either Scribd or in PDF or JPG from this website

Remarkably, this ad preempts both the PAC-funded Republican and Democrat career politician candidates in the race, although they have been covered extensively in articles for their mudslinging, such as the Republican incumbent robocalling the entire city where the Democrat resides which forwarded callers to City Hall phone lines.  Real productive.  Towne for Congress has previously challenged both career politicians to a debate on the issues, and there was no response from either campaign.  In his November 8 letter, Towne wrote:

"There is a great need for a public discourse on the troubles facing our nation...  The times we live in are not normal. The dollar is in crisis and unemployment is rampant. Civil liberties are restricted more with each passing day. We have apparently endless wars continuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I am traveling the district and the people are hurting. Congress's solutions of more spending through the stimulus plan and more taxation via the Cap and Trade bill on energy and even tax our health care seem dubious at best."

While this ad was expensive, posted 10 months before the election, and the campaign is quite cash-starved, communicating and breaking out the race into the communities simply must be done for the campaign to succeed.  Ultimately, the campaign has a very strong message to win - and the campaign's volunteers will determine the outcome of the race.  However, donating never hurts - almost 350 donors have given to the campaign with a typical contribution of about $25.  The campaign highlights the reasons to donate to the campaign here and provides reports on how the funds have been spent.  You can assist the campaign by donating your time by visiting "Ways to Help" from the home page

In less than 6 months of operation, the campaign website,, is currently one of the top 110,000 websites of any kind in the nation with 1,538 registered users, dwarfing competitors and most modern politicians.  Why?  Because Towne endeavors to deliver the TRUTH, offers PRACTICAL solutions and permits free debate on the website on any campaign post. 

Regardless of which party you are registered, if you believe that either the Republicans or Democrats have the answers to today's problems, you have not really been paying attention for the past decade.

For residents in the district, if you want MORE spending, MORE taxes, MORE war, MORE debt, FEWER jobs, LESSprosperity, and LESS liberty, than we suggest you go vote for a Republocrat.  But it will NOT BE SAID that no one cared, that no one objected to the government stripping us of our liberties and impoverishing us all.

That Freedom Shall Not Perish.


Sunday, January 10, 2009

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Jake Towne for Congress Newspaper Ad Jan 2010