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Jake Towne Announces Support of Ron Paul's HR 4248

Over the past two months, the campaign has industriously sent over 10 press releases to the local press, but none have been picked up by the mainstream newspapers.  While these topics center on the economy, the campaign has addressed timely issues such as health care and the Haiti disaster.  While some may say this is overuse of press releases, they have averaged  just 1 every 5 days, and the campaign's only regret is that we cannot send more due to available resources as America is at a critical juncture in our history.  However, for an independent campaign, we are making incredible strides, check out all the media postings including the December 13th full page editorial in a local newspaper, the January 11th half-page ad

Towne for Congress is the first congressional race to advertise in the district, although the Republocrat candidates are obtaining front page coverage like in today's newspaper that covers how the Democrat is avoiding talking on foreign policy and domestic issues like health care.  (The Republican is the incumbent, otherwise he might be following the same strategy.) However, a sentence at the end of the article did credit the campaign: "Independent candidate Jake Towne has taken the opposite tack, producing reams of position papers and opinion pieces on issues in an effort to raise his campaign's profile."  Unfortunately, the reporter did not elaborate on exactly what those positions are. 

Towne for Congress challenged both career politicians to a debate in November of last year and has not received a response from either campaign.  As the Massachusetts Senate race showed, my race is winnable as candidates in former years would have been longshots are now strong contenders.  If you would like to assist the campaign in getting noticed by the local media, please email

Below, the campaign sends yet another press release to the local press in the hope that they can help bring my message to the people on the benefits of sound money to prepare for a possible dollar collapse, and also point out how this benefits jobs.  Text in ( ) was not listed in the press release.

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Jake Towne, independent candidate for US Congress in PA-15, today announced his support of HR 4248, the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009, and urges the current incumbent to co-sponsor the bill.  The short 374-word bill is inline with the campaign's theme of sound money and would revoke legal tender laws enabling Americans to use other currencies if they so choose to compete with the unbacked script currency issued by the Federal Reserve.

Towne just released his "Sound Money and Jobs" campaign plank (attached in PDF) which explains to all residents the dire importance of sound money, and provides evidence linking the troubles of the American economy to the governments' actions to devalue the dollar and suppress the gold price.  While unknown to most Americans, gold is one of the world's largest financial markets, trading over $20 billion USD per trading DAY on the London exchange alone.

The campaign's last "Towne" Hall was well attended by many newcomers, and the next event open to the public at no cost is Monday, February 1, 2010 at the Bethlehem Township Community Center, 2900 Farmersville Road at 7 PM.  (Details here.)

Towne is not endorsed by nor affiliated with the sponsor of HR 4248, Pennsylvania-born Dr. Ronald Paul.  Paul also recently introduced HR 1207, a bill to audit the Federal Reserve - which has never been thoroughly audited since its founding in 1913.  Towne successfully petitioned the incumbent Congressman for several months before he agreed to co-sponsor this no-brainer piece of legislation and hopes the same can be done here.  (The incumbent's fundamental lack of understanding on monetary policy is demonstrated in this question I asked at a town hall.)

January 21, 2010

Contact: Jake Towne



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