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America's Greatest and Strangest Political Secret


The path I have chosen in 2010 is to run as an independent under no political party in 2010.  As a candidate for United States Congress, this was - and still is - the best possible route for myself to win the November election and fulfill the campaign's mission statement.   I have a severe dislike for both the Republican and Democrat politicians and party leaders as they are taking my country  - OUR country - on a path to both moral and economic ruin.  In my particular district, third parties are unfortunately not active and (locally in my district) have largely missed the boat on addressing the economic unrest.

However, as your fellow citizen, I want to share with you all the most effective way to become politically active, and that is to join with one of the two major parties and run for committeeman or committeewoman.  This gives you a vote in selecting local party leaders, and both major parties can be taken over on the local level by a determined minority.  

America's greatest and strangest political secret is that, in the dead of the winter, the two parties have a brief signature gathering process and then each precinct (usually just the few streets around your home) elects a committeeman/woman.  In Pennsylvania, just 10 signatures are required to be listed on the May 18 primary ballot.  The signature gathering is from February 16 to March 9, hence the timing of this post.  The May primary vote elects the precinct committeemen/women.

These party precinct committee members then elect the party leaders, and the party leaders then pretty much decide which candidates to support and endorse and how to control funds on the local level.  (Yes, it's a little bit like a democratic mafia.  Stay true to your principles.)

Of course, I am not writing this post for my own political gain.  My campaign was never about my own personal gain, and it's certainly not about my monetary gain -  I could be continuing my career as an engineer instead of running a campaign with no pay for 18 months.  Plus, I have promised that I will only accept the median household income when elected. My campaign is about winning back our liberties, and it is unfortunate I personally cannot take the steps I recommend here.  I hope to see significant inroads locally in both parties in 2010, but I project this will have little effect in 2010, but quite possibly a large effect in 2011 and 2012. 

In fact, any elected committeemen and -women are typically banned from endorsing non-party candidates, so it is even possible this may impact some of my supporters.  The Republocrats exhibit typical exclusive clique and collectivist behavior, not really any different from popularity contests in a high school since party leaders do not have principles, or even have principled candidates for that matter. 

Definitely also watch Jim Condit Jr.'s 13-minute video at and visit The Precinct Project.  While both of these sources are targeted at the Republican party, any citizen can select which party to join.  For instance, one of the few redeeming qualities of the Democrat party in recent years (ie. 2006) was to end our expensive nation-building wars and occupations abroad.  The below 3-minute video can be watched starting at 01:00 until the end.  Don't be put off by the captions and music at the beginning.  The video to the below right is my third appearance on FOX News' Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano in case you missed it earlier this week.

If you are in the district, I can place you in touch with local organizations that can assist you with the details.  Just send an email to with your location.

February 7th, 2010