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Jake Towne Calls on Charlie Dent to Repeal Health Care Tax

Independent congressional candidate Jake Towne issued this statement today:

“During his sorry 20-year political career, Charlie Debt has repeatedly supported unconstitutional legislation that has created raging, out-of-control deficits. He also supports vast expansions of federal control over the people’s healthcare, such as his support of S-CHIP, the Medical Rights Act of 2009, and now HR 5424 below, which is absurdly titled as “Reform Americans Can Afford Act of 2010.”

“While it is constitutional for the state legislature of Pennsylvania to discuss healthcare options that work best for Pennsylvanians, the federal Congress has no constitutional authority to do so, and I have explained in detail why the current federal laws make healthcare both more expensive and lessen the quality of care. Therefore:

  • I call upon Dent to sign Discharge Petition #11 to bring about a House floor vote on the healthcare tax.
  • I call upon Dent to immediately cease his co-sponsorship of HR 5424, which replaces the $1 trillion tax by passing into law yet another 220-page boondoggle, HR 4038, which still attempts to “establish universal access programs.” HR 5424 usurps Pennsylvania’s state sovereignty with ridiculous use of taxpayer money to provide corrupt donkey-eat-the-carrot “state innovation programs.”
  • I call upon Dent to cosponsor HR 4995, the End the Mandate Act, which restores the freedom of Americans to choose health insurance that best meets their individual needs by repealing the mandate that all Americans MUST obtain government-approved health insurance or pay penalties.
  • I call upon Dent to realize that while HR 4995 leaves most of the $1 trillion tax intact, it removes the mandate – the most objectionable portion of the bill – and has a chance of gaining enough House-wide support from Democrats and Republicans alike to be passed into law. It is a decent compromise (an unrecognizable term in DC these days) while HR 5424 has about as much chance of passing as a snowball surviving Hades.

“Heritage Action for America has also called on Dent to sign Discharge Petition #11.

“My other Republocrat challenger, John Callahan, supports the $1 trillion healthcare tax and probably just does not understand its economic impact, or else just blindly believes what his Washington handlers are telling him – it’s impossible to find out as this candidate has not actually campaigned for the past 12 months.

“I challenge both Mr. Dent and Mr. Callahan to lengthy public debates on not just this important topic but also the ENDLESS DEBT and ENDLESS WARS. I offer to the public my constructive ideas to improve healthcare in my summary “Health Care Solutions,” my Health Care Plank and look forward to the public’s feedback in the novel-yet-simple “Our Open Office” program.

“Speaking of a snowball’s chance in Hades, I also challenge both Dent and Callahan to never enroll in the overly-lucrative congressional healthcare plans and donate $116,000 of their congressional salaries to local non-profit hospitals to assist the needy as I have pledged to do.

A Note to Mr. Dent and Mr. Callahan -

Buy your healthcare on the marketplace just like everyone else. Last time I checked the Constitution, Congressmen are not entitled to free healthcare, especially while they are destroying the country I love.   And that goes for your Republocrat buddies as well.