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Free Trials Ending This Month At The Cambridge Income Laboratory


The Cambridge Income Laboratory has introduced many new dedicated features since its initial launch a year ago.

We boast a community of over a hundred serious income investors dedicated on sharing ETF and CEF ideas and strategies.

Free trials are ending this month -- take advantage while you can.

Since its humble beginnings in June 2016, the Cambridge Income Laboratory has grown significantly both in terms of dedicated features and membership. Here are some of the new features that were introduced since a year ago:

  • Chemist's CEF Report: quantitative rankings of top CEFs by yield, discount and z-score and composite metrics to help you make informed CEF choices -- members get the Report and picks 1 month ahead of public release
  • ETRACS 2x Leveraged ETN Snapshot: latest stats and updates on UBS' ETRACS 2x leveraged ETNs, a suite of high-yielding funds -- members get the Snapshot 1 month ahead of public release
  • CIL100 Portfolio: a 100% invested version of the Cambridge Income Laboratory portfolio with 7.9% current yield -- exclusive to members
  • MIN Portfolio: a 100% invested, minimal trading portfolio that may appeal more to those who enjoy a more "buy-and-hold" style of investing, currently yields 8.5% -- exclusive to members
  • Weekly Fund Spotlight: a weekly spotlight on a particular CEF or class of CEFs -- members get the Spotlight 1 month ahead of public release with exclusive recommendations
  • Weekly CEF Roundup: a weekly roundup of the latest news and events in CEFland -- members get the Roundup 1 week ahead of public release with exclusive commentary and recommendations

The Cambridge Income Laboratory is currently ranked 27th out of 140 among all offerings in the Seeking Alpha Marketplace. Moreover, we are currently ranked 1st in the ETF category, 2nd in the CEF category, 2nd in the arbitrage category, 7th in the portfolio strategy category and 11th in the income category.

Growing membership

The Cambridge Income Laboratory now boasts a community of serious income investors dedicated on sharing ETF and CEF ideas and strategies, both in member articles and on our vibrant chat board.

This week, we achieved a significant milestone: membership of the "Lab" has passed the 100 mark! Note that all members are grandfathered for life at the rates they joined at, regardless of any price hikes that may take place in the future. The founding members of the Cambridge Income Laboratory are still paying the introductory rate of $208/year, less than the price of a coffee per week!

Free trials ending soon

With the service both having more dedicated features as well as getting more popular, I believe that it's time to end the free trials. Members get early and timely access to actionable and profitable trading ideas and strategies, not to mention access to all of the previous research reports we've ever compiled, and so it is perhaps a little unfair to paying subscribers to give anyone else a free pass, even briefly. Until the end of August, you can still sign up for the two-week, no-commitment free trial, but not anymore after that.

Excellent reviews

Don't just take my word for it, though. Here's what others are saying about the Cambridge Income Laboratory:

"The first distribution more than paid for the annual subscription."

"... a one stop shop for CEF research. "

"Straight forward, no BS, solid insight -- what more could you ask for... CIL is well thought out, good actionable ideas and the author is available for discussion. I'm a happy subscriber."

"I'm still at the entry level in CEF world, but gained a lot of knowledge reading Chemist's analysis. And of course, I did make some money following the arbitrage trades in the service."

Join us

Try Cambridge Income Laboratory for free for two weeks before the end of August. You've got nothing to lose, and an opportunity to gain. Won't you join us in "the Lab"?