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Announcing Japanese Blue Chip Coverage: Please Share Your Thoughts With Me!

|Includes: WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity ETF (DXJ), EWJ

Hey y'all!

I recently had a few readers asking about Japanese blue chip coverage - so let's do this!

My plan is to post 1~2 writeups each week on Japanese blue chip companies with ADRs. Here is a list of 150 companies I compiled:

They aren't all blue chips, but most are well-established, well-known Japanese companies. If there are companies you would like me to cover first, or companies not listed above that you would like me to cover, please send me an email!

As a general rule, however, I do not cover financials, insurance cos, trading cos, fashion, bio/pharma, chemical, or companies that require me to have a PhD/magic 8-ball to competently analyze.

Additionally, most Japanese blue chips have English filings. Since numbers don't need translations, my writeups will mostly focus on qualitative commentary so you can intelligently make sense of the numbers. That said, I will probably have surface-level info on numbers - simple price, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow metrics etc.

For non-ADRs, I will post writeups on my own website ( and probably have a summarized blog post here on Seeking Alpha.