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RIMM value. don't confuse future value with current price--they eventually converge.

  •  I am long RIMM at a loss of course. When I listened to the call I was crushed by the delay in BB 10 phones but they seem to have a road map for a resurgence in their fortunes.
    Marketing is extremely important here in that it BB has lost its cool factor in US. The Samsung commercials will help RIMM calling into question buy the counter-culture "creative" coffee pushers will buy AAPL products as a statement to their coolness even though the product doesn't merit it. It was the same with RIMM as in Crackberry while it had an awful browser and layout. It catches up with a company eventually.
    I own 2 Playbooks (one for my wife) and it is a fantastic product. The bridge which people diss is great as I save $360 or more a year by not needing another data plan and don't have to pay a couple hundred bucks for a 3g iPad or Android tab. In Feb I'll have most or all of the Android apps. The screen is so sharp and bright you don't need the bigger screen and it fits in my breast pocket in most of my sportcoats. The Italian style suits pocket is too small. They have to market these attributes.
    I think management gets it and has a good plan. Bringing in new management and having them get up to speed would waste time and add risk as in Leo at HP.
    The industry knows well that QNX is far better than Android which Google bought when Harman wasn't into selling Canadian QNX. It's the kernel design that has quietly made it better than Unix to apps and industrial software due to its very small basic kernel then able to effeciently hang things like aspects of other OS's as if it was part of ITS OS. Amazing... Google would loved to have had it instead of Android but its too late for them. Unfortunately somebody like Oracle will offer $25 or $30 and steal this company to integrate it into their TOTAL corporate offering with QNX AND BES then massively increase data center with SUN servers and tighter integration of JAVA into it all. If we go long term RIMM would sell back to $70+. KIM RIMM is a system/platform company that sells phones which is repeat business where APPL is as good as its last manufactured offering except for iStore and is why they are trying to move to the cloud where they have no edge and a lot of competition.

Disclosure: I am long RIMM.