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I am not really sure why binary option traders are continuously seeking out binary option signals. Whether in the form of a binary option signal software, or included in a brokers platform. There is an old adage on Wall Street, as long as there are traders, they will constantly seek an edge.

A few words of caution about binary option signals. When a broker is providing the software, traders must ask themselves, if the signal can be trusted? If the signals are so good, then all the clients of that broker will be using them and then the broker will never make any money. Remember, the way brokers make money is when you lose!

The question to ask independent sellers of binary option "signals". If the system works so well, why not use it to make money trading and stop trying to make money selling the system. The fact is, the seller of signal alerts, make their money selling the system to the newest binary option trader and do not actually trade themselves.

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When constructing your own trading signal generator there is no holy grail or secret to success. You must create a system that works within your personality. Some traders like to play the "other side" by going against the trend, also known as "fading the move". These traders will look for a situation like the movement in crude oil on Wednesday, when there was a large spike and then within two hours the move corrected itself.

To create your own signal, the way to do it is based on charts. When viewing a charts it is extremely important to pick the correct time frame of the chart. The time frame of the chart should correlate to the time frame of the platform. If you are seeking an entry signal for a 60 second chart trade then be sure the time frame parameters on your bar chart is set to 1 minute bars. If you are seeking a daily binary option entry point then set your chart to a daily chart going back 1 - 3 months.

Traders tend to pick their entry point based on the default chart of broker they use has set on the platform as the default and never both changing the view from 1day to 1 month.

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