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Potential Fake Sell-Off

There is a great possibility that this ongoing US Equity panic sell-off is short-term event driven rather than fundamentally sound .... :-).

Therefore, a single whip of bad  to good news change can result in a sudden rally 'nobody' expects specially those who are prone to panic in every 'The End of the World' Scenario.

That is when the Alternate Wavecount kicks in:


This wavecount scenario may prove valid IF we have a massive gap up tomorrow or a sudden rally day starts early in the morning. 

It will be proven valid if Spx reached at least 1332 in less than 10-1/2 days.  A strong rally that breaks hard above 1344 in less than 17 days from the 1249 bottom will initially confirm that the correction that has started at 1344 in Feb 18 may have already completed. 

Final Confirmation that the 17 days run down is a valid 4th wave correction on the daily chart is IF SnP500 reached at least 1354 in a more or less vertical rally.

We do not know what will actually happen in the future.  Let the markets decide to either confirm or deny our technical analysis and future expectations.

Good Luck.