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Going Forward, Far More Streamlined Reporting On Model Portfolios.

From this point forward, most readers who follow the Cash Flow Growth Portfolio are pretty well acquainted with the investment approach: generate compound income growth by owning exceptional blue chip, dividend paying businesses, collecting the dividends, and reinvesting the dividends into more shares of blue chip businesses at the best prices then available. For the past year and a half, I've written about specific adjustments and trades for the Model Portfolio as well as the Cash Flow Growth Portfolio to illustrate how I would think about and approach portfolio management geared towards income growth at reasonable stock prices.

I continue to monitor the Cash Flow Growth and Model Portfolios once every month or so, updating them as new dividends come in and get reinvested, but at this point, there is less need to explain each and every trade. Life has gotten quite busy for that. I suggest that if any readers are still interested in seeing how these portfolios are comprised at any given time, or how well (or poorly) they have performed, you can check them any time you wish at the following links: