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The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended

To My Dear Flock

The sun is once again setting on America and has crossed the wide Pacific where the Australian market is open

The chart shows half a day's antipodean trading and the 60 point downturn on the ASX seems to be confirming that the recent bull run is at the very least pausing

The green line denotes a failed upward recovery by the SPX 500 and the three markets have all failed to make a new high

If the green line denotes resistance and markets turn down from here we are in for more trouble

It will take a great deal of conviction to push through to new highs from here

ASX 200 v FTSE v SPX 500









Why would we assume that those who created the current crisis are able to solve it?

Isn't the greater likelihood years of asset deflation and market stagnation?

It appears America is paying the price for years of unaffordable consumption & unfair use of resources

The entitlement psychology by which high living standards are expected is an affront to the undeveloped world

Their basic needs are :-

(1) Unpolluted water

(2) Secure food production at affordable prices

(3) Safe shelter

While the west lives lives of uncontrolled greed the world's problems will not be solved

Producing things no one really needs is a waste of economic resources

I commend for general reading Matthew 25 31-46

Blessings to All

Friar Hilarius