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Church and State are Wrongly Separated

It is all very well to complain about falling standards of morality ... leading to total lack of morality, but where are the Churches in all this?

The absurd notion that the Church and the State are separate is at the root of this entire problem

We can point to failings until we are blue in the face but neither Churches nor the State will improve until we improve as individuals and insist that morality informs every decision which affects us

Keeping morality locked away in Churches gives the criminals free rein

A friend said to me in all seriousness "morality has no place in business" and might well have added "no place in politics either" had I pursued the point

Another non-believer friend tells me that non-believers can have high moral standards also. That friend has strong moral values and so did my atheist father.

It is time that Church going believers and moral non-believers got together to ensure that every decision and action of the State is moral ... simply defined as being in the best interests of all

Separation of Church and State is at the root of the current problems

Over time I hope to convince my non-believing friends that separation of morality from the teachings of Christ is also a high risk course, and that there is a higher power which guides our destiny

In the meantime there is absolutely no reason why good believers and good non-believers can not work together for the greater good

"By their fruits you shall know them" applies to everyone whether theist or not.

Give these comments the "Thumbs Down" at your peril ... but at least have the guts to give your reasons

With Best Wishes

Friar Hilarius