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Sokol - Did he do anything wrong?

<a href=";>Sokol resigns</a> and Buffett maintains that his former lieutenant didn't do anything "unlawful"?
The SEC will certainly have a view on this, but certainly it was unethical.  In his press release, Buffett says that Sokol's purchases were made <span style="font-style:italic;">before</span> (his italics not mine) discussing Lubrizol as a potential acquisition candidate.  But here is the issue.  There are two outcomes of Sokol's January 14th or 15th conversation with Buffett:
1) Buffett doesn't buy Lubrizol
2) Buffett buys Lubrizol
Since Lubrizol wasn't pricing in a Buffett takeover when Sokol starting buying, he didn't have much to lose.  Heads he wins; tails he doesn't lose.  That sounds like a pretty good bet to me.  
Imagine Sokol had a strategy where he would buy stock in a company and then bring the idea to Buffett as a potential acquisition.  Clearly that would be a winning strategy - if it were legal.  
Sokol clearly had material non-public information.  If a third-party bought Lubrizol with the foreknowledge that Sokol would be discussing it as a possible acquisition target, that would clearly be trading with material non-public information.  
It bothers me that Sokol did this and it bothers me that Buffett does not see that his action was wrong.