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|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BB)

RESEARCH IN MOTION LTD COM  is going to put it self on block for sale, and if they didn't who many company's would love to buy a complete company,RESEARCH IN MOTION LTD COM , how much it worth 90. 95.or 100. All this bull talking about slow sale at ATT is a lot of bull I tried to buy their smart phone , i went to 2 places both were out, I think they can't make enough of these phone, the world on the street that's many big sharks has shorted the stock and they feel they can make more when its go dawn, but i think they will be for a surprise when the company does it conference the next couple of days.49.89 for rimm come on, they always dawn grade it so they can buy it cheap, so am buying, and waiting for a while , i will sell it over 57 soon am not going to say 60 or 70, no one thought pot will be offered 130 last week or even yesterday,any one want make a quick 10 points load the truck,