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Forecasting The Stocks Market By A Noble Prize Winner

Dear Dr Schiller
I do not pay attention to forecast of Wall street "experts" about the direction of the stock market But as academic myself I give full respect and attention to your message especially after you won the noble prize I have full respect for your work that was recognized by the Noble Prize organization But I do not have respect for your attempts to forecast the direction of the stock market
I sold all my stocks when I heard your forecast several months ago This was a mistake of my part and this was a direct result you your negative dire forecast of the direction of the stock market
You keep repeating your negative forecast in recent interview and I doubt it that you ever admit that you wrong until such event will occur Stock market goes down but no one knows when it will happened including Noble prize winners
One day you could turn to be right but since you do not know when it will happen please stop giving us your forecast. I can give you list of 20 famous forecaster who were right only the first time And wrong when the got the attention and recognition In all likelihood you could join this group

Mark Twain did not receive noble prize and he stated that prediction is very difficult to do because if has to do with the future why not take his advise?
Please stop trying to be smarter then all of us since the market has the ability to fool all of us including you
Gideon Vigderhous Ph.D

Disclosure: The author has no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.