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U.S. Cities Face Bed Bug Infestation

|Includes: Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSHR)

Every day, there are new reports of bed bug infestations forcing hotels, trains or institutions to close temporarily while they deal with the problem.

Just recently, family in Florida sued a rental company after their leased home turned out to be infested in bed bugs, prompting them to throw out their clothes and furnitures.

In Warren, one of the libraries was closed after bed bugs were discovered. The librarian said she saw a man who frequented the library having bugs crawling all over his body. The Miller branch of the library had to be closed for heat and chemical treatments.

In Cleveland, one of the top 10 cities with bed bug infestations, a family had to live in their car for a week after they discovered that their rented home had bed bugs.

Olivia Lawrence said her daughter were allergic to the bites, resulting in her face, jaw and neck swelling.

"We had to sleep in this van for a whole week, me and my children," she told Newsnet5. "These are not my bed bugs, these are his bed bugs. I gave this man $1,500."

Her 16-year old son Devonta complained of waking up and having little insect bites all over his chest.

Lawrence said her landlord hired an exterminator but the problem did not go away.

A report from the Cleveland Health Department showed that the house was infested with bed bugs even before she rented the home two months ago.

She had to go to the Cleveland Housing Court to make her landlord act, by depositing her rent in a court-appointed escrow account.

In the end, her landlord Julius Sanford apologized for the incident and promised to refund her rent and hire additional exterminators until she is able to transfer to another home.

Earlier in the year, pest control company Orkin released its annual list of top cities with bed bug infestation.

Topping the list for the second time was Chicago, followed by Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio.

Landing the fourth and fifth spots were Detroit and Cincinnati, Ohio. At top six are three Ohio cities: Cleveland, Akron and Canton. Number seven is Dayton, Ohio.

The last three are Washington, D.C., Denver and Indianapolis, Ind.

Orkin entomologist and Technical Services Director Ron Harrison said in a release, "While studies show that bed bugs do not spread disease, the physical and mental health consequences are well documented and of serious public concern."

"Once bed bugs are inside your home or business, they can reproduce quickly and can travel from place to place in personal belongings and even on people. They can also move from place to place on their own, independently of objects," he added.

Fortunately, there are now a lot of treatments available from the market, from spray cans to extermination services.

For homeowners that are afraid of chemical pesticides, there are now companies like Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSHR) that offer natural pesticides that are safe for humans and pets.

Pacific Shore's Nature-Cide Bed Bug Spray, which is sold over the Internet, is made from essential oils that smell pleasant to humans but toxic to insects like bed bugs. It can safely be sprayed on beds, sofas and other furniture without staining. It is said to come in a refreshing scent and its smaller spray bottle can be carried around for long travels.