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Rejected by Seeking Alpha

I received this email for an article submission today:

Thanks, but this article is too technically oriented for Seeking Alpha. We only look to publish articles that contain fundamental analysis.


Seeking Alpha Editorial T

Isn't the most popular author on Seeking Alpha David Fry? Whose articles consist of nothing more than a couple dozen charts with various horizontal lines of support and resistance? And deliberately contain no fundamental analysis at all?

And don't most of the more popular authors contain articles studded with charts? 

I've had more and more of my submissions not published lately, in spite of some mighty nice and profitable calls since I started publishing here last September.

I don't get anything out of publishing on this site, other than some good feedback. I will publish solely on my own blog from now on, I don't have the time to waste with odd editors and a new submission process that makes it hard for me to even submit charts the way I like them.