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Android is getting very close to Nokia and Symbian

Nokia disclosed today that they are currently selling 260.000 smart phones per day. This is about the same amount as under Q2 this year. Android passed the 200.000 per day mark on the 4th of August, up from 160.000 on the 4th of June. The growth rate was 30.000 units a month which would mean that Android could sell 260.000 units a day as early as beginning of October! No wonder there is a turn-around in Nokia management.
An interesting question is - how many Android phones could Nokia have sold had they opted for Android?  An other even more interesting question is - will the new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop make the only logical decision - make a hedge with Android and opt for 2 platforms and letting the customer decide which one is the best! 

Disclosure: NOK: €100.000