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Unfair ruling on Amylin recent FDA meeting. Shares are a strong buy!

Amylin has retreated nearly 25% in one week.   Shares have fallen after a link between thyroid cancer in animals and Novo Nordisk's liraglutide was brought to light during a meeting of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel last week. I'm adamant that the risk whch the FDA took into consideration is exagerrated. Exenatide and liraglutide are not only different molecules, but cases of of thyroid cancer have not been documented in patients enrolled in the clinical trials.

I purchased 1/2 a block at 9.25 and wrote 50 may strike 10 calls at 1.10/contract.  I plan on dollar cost averaging at the proper pivatol points as well as rolling options moth after month, until i feel the shares have matured.