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Historical performance on GENZ according to EventEdge

|Includes: Sanofi (SNY)

According to the 15 previous occurrences of this event, EventEdge indicates that GENZ has shown a strong bullish edge that peaks 19 trading days after the event. Thus, the projected date for the peak of the bullish edge relative to the current event date (Monday, 15 June 2009) is Monday, 13 July 2009. GENZ rallies in 93% of the cases (14 of 15) by an average of 10.0% relative to the close on the event date. The average of the 1 decline is -9.6%. The overall return of the 15 cases is 8.7%, which, based on the close of GENZ on the event date ($55.62), provides a target price of $60.46.