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What to Read Over Weekend Coffee

Best of Stock Market Blogs:

Near Term Market Levels 
- Discussing the double-double of the SPX

Increased Mimicry In Stock Market Provides Crash Warning - Trying to identify warning signs of a potential crash

Low Volume Pullback - Until seller’s remorse hits, the path is up

The Path to Shorting is Long - “I have found that when pullbacks begin on very light volume, the pullback has a good chance of deepening.”

Gratuitous Chart of the Week

Noteworthy tweets of the week 
I still don’t buy this concept that all of Asia can slow and USA stocks only feel the positive “flows” in perpetuity @hedgeye
“I think tactically for the next few months equities could rise because corporate profits are still strong.” -Nouriel Roubini @eddyelfenbein
This market reminds me of a junior high school dance where the guys are on one side and the girls the other, and no one is dancing @marketmonk
there is no inflation,there is no inflation,there is no inflation,there is no inflation @thelidlives
“The crowd is right during the trends, but wrong at both ends.” – Bernie Schaeffer @jackdamn
Despotic style of crowd control probably not the wisest social policy. the body of the people are slaves of fear, until they no longer fear @faustroll
“It’s human nature to find patterns where there are none and to find skill where luck is a more likely explanation.” – W. Bernstein @jackdamn