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Financial Astrology: Mercury Retrograde Coming

By Astrology Traders

mrMercury will move retrograde at 19 degrees Pisces on February 23rd and then direct on March 17th. We have a stellium (4 or more planets in the same sign) with Neptune, Mars. Venus, Mercury and the Sun all in Pisces during the retrograde. The stellium creates an obsessive quality and in Pisces it can be opportunistic corporate/financial growth or like the Piranha fish where powerful elite corporate groups act with a voracious appetite to gobble up certain sectors, the outcome could be monopolies. The overall theme of 'greed' will most likely be evident and at an accelerated pace than what we have seen since 2009.

During the Mercury retrograde I will advise caution while executing trades so as not to make an error in executing the trade or acting on impulse. The influence of Mercury can be somewhat like a thief with a bit of myrrh and a twinkle in his eye. Opportunities presented may appear perfect however there could be a bitter pill to swallow later as some unknown or hidden element turns out to be unfavorable. It is wise not to sign a binding contract or start a new venture during the retrograde period. The same is true for a company with a public offering during the retrograde period. The theme here would not be favorable for IPO's. The influence is not all negative and can be used as an opportune time to get additional facts and do important financial planning. Also pay attention to health and don't delay dental appointments.

We are most likely moving into a very prosperous growth cycle in the economy despite the media's attempt to illustrate otherwise, or create fear that we are not. The scan of numerous charts (technicals) shows an overwhelming overbought condition in many stocks. This is part of the reason traders are finding the market difficult to trade. The buy signals are not getting triggered and the risk to reward setups are not easy to find. The gossip on the street is-something is off with the current bullish cycle- according to Rick Santelli last week on CNBC. In my view the disconnect is due to the manipulation. Last year we saw a significant pullback May 3rd that fell into place exactly as we predicted with the astrology and the technicals. There should have been a similar pullback beginning near July 31st, while Pluto was retrograde.

The following is from this weekend's premium update by Astrology Traders which uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Jeff Pierce adds in the technical picture for the stocks and sectors in focus.

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