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NYSE Summation Has "Fish Hook" Pattern

By Liz DeMera

The NYSE Summation has been climbing for the last few months. However, the summation stopped going up on January 29th, 2013 when it peaked at 4304.82. Since then it started a slow downward climb. Then on March 4th it begun another slow drift up. But when you look at the actual net breadth of what it takes to keep the summation climbing, the cushion is very little and stands at only -1126. So, what the means is any down day would turn this summation right back down, which is known as a "fish hook". See chart below for other previous examples.

0310summationThe above bar chart represents the -1126 advancers to halt the summation climb up. Carefully watching breadth over next week is important to see what direction summation goes.


Market is at highs and the chart above is showing a negative divergence with less stocks above their 50 Day Moving Average.

We are seeing a lot of 52 week highs on the NYSE, but this chart is showing that they're beginning to wane.


NYSE Advancing Volume is starting to decline over time as compared to the Total Volume as a 30 Day Moving Average.

Chart above is a 55 Day moving average chart of TRIN, it has crossed over the downtrend line and beginning to show some strength.


This was written by @lizdemera , who uses market technicals, to determine the stock market's performance.