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Market Astrology: Rare Earth Metals

|Includes: AVL, iQIYI, Inc (IQ), REE

The following is a guest post by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the markets. Her unique insights will provide an alternative view, in particular the precious metals sector, as her field of study is quite specialized and she has been historically accurate with her documented predictions on the Motley Fool.

A bubble? Rare earth elements: what you need to know.

A new cycle of advancement in aerospace technology started at the end of May 2010 when Uranus (the planet of unusual and advance scientific discoveries) entered Aries for the first time since April 1927.  There is a much bigger story of rare earth than what is portrayed in the media regarding their use in solar, wind turbines, cell phone technology, and the Prius vehicle.

A glimpse back in history gives us a clue to the future.  In April 1927 the planet Uranus hit 0 degree Aries for the first time in approximately 84 years.   Also in 1927 the first metal aircraft were constructed, forever changing the course of air travel.  It was also 1927 when Boeing Aircraft (BA) became one of the largest aircraft manufacturers.  The accelerated leaps in aerospace from1927 and into the 30’s altered the economies of the world changing transportation and created a new art of war!  Uranus rules electricity, sudden new advancements in futuristic technology and Aries rules war.

Fast forward to 2010.  The planet Uranus hits 0 degree Aries in May 2010, for the first time since 1927, and then in July suddenly China restricts shipments of rare earth elements internationally.  On the heels of this announcement Molycorp (MCP), Lynas, Rare Element Resources (REE),  and Avalon (AVL) shares all went Ballistic.

Many analysts are calling it a bubble.  I don’t believe it’s a bubble and here’s why.  Uranus is ushering in a new era of unbelievable advancements in space travel.   It’s called high frequency gravitational wave (HFGW) and the theory of Einstein’s “space time continuum”.

Gravitational wave generated by means of the time rate of change, the acceleration of a mass or masses termed a “jerk” or a “shake”.  Arrays of micro and nano-devices (magnets, individual molecules, submicroscopic particles, electrons as in a superconductor) to move in concert with a jerk in order to build up and generate high frequency gravitational wave (HFGW).  All the components use rare earth elements.  According to Robert L. Baker, senior consultant to Gravewave LLC and Transportation Sciences Corporation,

“such jerking masses produce a very long sequence of HFGW  pulses having significant average power without generating incapacitating heat, causing disruptive g loads, or producing overpowering EM radiation”

Rare earth =  High frequency gravitational wave and speed without heat.

Quantum Teleportation and Space-Time Travel

Robert E. Becker, former senior Principle Engineer at  Lockhead, Senior software Analyst at SCI Systems, and a contractor with Donatech corporation, Universal Design Incorporated,  and also with RMI,  invented a software executive program for control and synchronization of dozens of signal data processing algorithms and co-invented the concept of quantum tunneling simulated annealing.  Becker has also worked on various aspects of gravitational theory including L. Motz’s black hole model for quarks and the possible connection between space-time geometrical structure and the phenomenon of quantum teleportation.

The theory of black holes is that they are collapsed stars whose gravity is so strong that not even light can escape them, and they become essentially invisible.  They have an inescapable effect on their region of space sucking in all matter and distorting the very fabric of space time.

Is it possible that governments around the world are racing to get rare earth mines up and running  because there is a new space race to dominate in the field of  intergalactic travel?  I recently came across a new venture called Moon Express. They are working in concert with NASA to scour the Moon for rare metallic elements.

What was once a need to conquer the wild wild west may now be a need to conquer the wild wild universe.

Here is a glimpse of gravitational wave.