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Performance Is Everything In Trading

By Jeff Pierce

I received the monthly stats from a current subscriber detailing tradewithZEN's performance & I'd like to share a few observation that I think you'll find very interesting especially since there have been 2 decent corrections over the past year. Here are all the stats.

  • 1 month return has pretty much held steady ranging from a 3.3-3.8% average return with a 71.5% win rate over the past year.
  • 2 month return has steadily grown each month going from 2.9% avg return with a 68% win rate last year to a current 7.3% avg return and 74% win rate.
  • 3 month return has had a huge jump from last year going from 3.8% avg return with a 65% win rate last year to a current 11.2% avg return and 72% win rate.
  • 6 month return has grown each month going from 13% avg return with a 82% win rate last year to current 18.3% avg return and 86% win rate.

The following information is from the returns of the watch list additions with the following assumptions:

1. Buy on the open price the day following addition to the watchlist.
2. Stocks that were removed immediately b/c of no follow through were not considered.
3. Since July 2012 there have been 138 stocks added to the watchlist

July 23rd - July 8th, 2013 (Most recent stats as tradewithZEN turns 1 yr old)

1 month avg return - 3.8% with 72% win rate
2 month avg return - 7.3% with 74% win rate
3 month avg return - 11.2% with 72% win rate
6 month avg return - 18.3% with 86% win rate
There is something very key to assumption #1 above. Nearly every stock that is initially added to the focus list has gone up anywhere from 5-10% that day due to an catalyst such as earnings or new product release. That means according to these rules you are buying it after it's had a very explosive move higher, which one would think would be extremely risky. This is also difficult to do and yet these stats are suggesting if you do that your 6 month avg return buying these stocks is 18.3% with a 86% win rate.

Most people think the secret to making money in the market is "buy low, sell high" but the real secret is "buy high, sell higher" and that's exactly what I teach. I can't pull the buy trigger for you, but if you can get comfortable with this trading strategy then you may be on the way to making consistent gains with very little risk.

In light of my ability to provide a consistent trading strategy and a focus list of stock via twitter each night that have proven to outperform the markets I can no longer have a $20/month price point - it's just silly and way below my competitors. The good news is if you are already a member then you are grandfathered in at whatever price you currently pay - some early members are paying $10/month!

If you aren't a member you have until August 1st to lock in a $20/month rate. You will never see this rate again. As a reminder I am keeping this service open to only 100 people so that is another reason to act fast. After that you'll have to wait until someone cancels.

Starting August 1st there is going to be an initial $75 fee to receive this trading strategy information as well as a $25/month rate to access the private twitter feed. So your first month would be $100(75+25) and each month after would be $25. This strategy has taken over 3 years to perfect, tweak, and bring it to you. Therefore I'm removing the option for those who sign up for a month to get the info and then leave. It's worth far more than that price in my opinion.

If you have specific questions feel free to ask me. If you've been thinking about joining tradewithZEN, now is your call to action if you want to lock in the absolute best rate and avoid any joining fees later.

Here is more on how tradewithZEN can help you be a better trader and be sure to check out the FAQ's in the comment section as they may answer your questions.


Your work is most prescient! @azpat0

@tradewithzen Awesome timing. @wahetrader

Good call on PNK. I was able to get in at right time! ~Mahesh

So far I'm happy with the service. Pat yourself on the back because I can be a tough customer. :^) Lovin' the charts. I am highly impressed with your method, the trades you've taken, and how you've managed them. You've been a treat to follow during a tricky October. @mastersnan

After 2 months of being a subscriber, I just wanted to say thank you. Your trading methods have worked better for me than any other I have tried. @davuni67

Thanks for your great work. I typically use my own entry/exit but your watchlists now have me fishing in the right pond on a consistent basis, huge help. @ljasonclemson1

Learning a lot from you and am becoming more confident myself. The triggered stocks from your watchlist are performing great. Awesome service. Highly recommended. Thanks for the service! @romandtkvch

The service is really helping me come up with a trade style. Nothing like tradewithzen out there. @chartlearning

Loving the service so far, thanks for putting it together. @tradnup

Appreciate the service, saves me time finding strong stocks. Keep up the good work. @rotorsky

After following TradewithZen for about a month now, I wanted to write you to say its a very informative and easy-to-follow product that definitely gave me new insight into the way you look at stocks with strength. I've always been more of an intermediate-term trader but seeing your 15- and 60-minute style, in addition to daily, has really benefitted me - especially having three likely opportunities to enter trades. Thank you for that and sharing your experience. @p_dot55

Really appreciating your service as it is making sense for me. Much appreciated!! Your mentorship is much appreciated Jeff! @stutriplev