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Financial Faith In The Stars

When you enter any kind of relationship, whether it be personal, romantic or business, it would be wise to find out if your partner's planets have favourable aspects to align with your money planet. This is where financial astrology can benefit you as it will have a strong bearing over your relationship.

When we assess financial astrology, we need to take into account the fact that each individual planet has its own meaning and some possess more power than others, depending on their relation to other money planets that lie in your chart.

The Sun and the Moon play a huge part in financial astrology. If the sun resides in one of your financial houses, it implies that you will take great joy in your money making ability. When the moon is in your financial house, it shows that you may experience a great deal of emotion with regards to money making and because you invest so much, emotionally, into it, you will succeed at making money but may also suffer from anxiety regarding security.

You will tend to think a great deal about the methods you use to make money when the planet Mercury is in your house. It may be through a transport business or a form of communication.

Should Venus reside in one of your financial houses, it shows that you consider it to be important to take pleasure in what you do should you need to be successful at money making. Entertainment or the arts will likely be areas of interest.

Mars in one of your houses suggests that you desire to invest a lot of force and energy into money making and you are willing to fight to reach your goals. Jupiter in one of your houses is a desirable position to have in your chart as it is one of fortune. You will show optimism regarding the methods you use to make money and will likely be successful in your endeavors.

Saturn in one of your houses suggests that you have ambition and possess a keen willingness to achieve your goals, in order to feel secure. Uranus in this position will provide an original streak in your personality and the ability to think of inventive and imaginative ideas that you may be able to profit from.

Neptune in this position will enable you to benefit from your own inspiration as well as the liquor business, oil, and art, for making money. Pluto here implies that you are resourceful and strong in how you make money.

Using astrology to form predictions in the stock market is a popular activity, certainly in Asian countries such as India and China, and successful investors have used it. Although there is no scientific evidence that it works, it is contrary to other analysts who could point to their predictions as scientific proof.

World maps could be illustrated by geopolitical analysts to show how the stock market is influenced by strategic geopolitical progress. Volume/price charts could be used by technical analysts to prove a theory about price movements. They could also be assisted by certain emotional effects such as greed and fear. Cash flow patterns and business performance over a certain time-frame along with the influence they have over the stock market could be used by a fundamental analyst to prove his own theory.

Yet there are, or at least have been, financial astrologers who have enjoyed success in the stock market. Naysayers may claim that they use other factors in conjunction with their own astrological reasoning or they have simply experienced a great deal of luck. There is no question that financial astrology requires a degree of faith. Whether you pursue it or not all depends on just how much faith you have in the stars. And the sun and the moon, of course.

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