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Making The Most Of The Financial Downturn On BetOnMarkets

27 February 2012 - During BetOnMarkets' most recent webinar "Making the Most of the Downturn on BetOnMarkets," professional trader Matt Shaw stressed that, based on current market conditions, it would seem that most indices are heading higher and the time to sell off may be delayed until the beginning of summer. Matt's analysis shows that there are three main reasons why the markets are not selling off: (1) declines are extremely shallow since the markets are rallying 3 steps forward and one step back, (2) the Relative Strength Index (RSI) for S&P has dropped significantly and finally (3) central banks all over the world are printing more money to finance public debt. Matt predicts that, in the long run, bank rates will remain low. This may cause the markets to move upwards to a point where rates have to rise and as a result, hyperinflation will occur causing markets to move downards by 2013. This interactive workshop also focused on the techniques required to read charts and how these techniques can help the trader place his/her prediction on BetOnMarkets.