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Why My First Blackberry Phone Will Be The Passport!

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Hey Everyone,

I haven't written much on here but I have been following along for a great deal of time. There is something I wanted to clear up, recently there was an article calling the Blackberry Passport "the biggest tech flop in 2014." I am here to present the case why, me, someone who has never owned a Blackberry is eagerly awaiting the release of the Passport for my own personal use.


I have never owned a Blackberry phone, I had friends who used to have them. When I saw the first glimpse of the Blackberry Passport, I was at first laughing about the design. Then I actually thought about it. I hate my android touchscreen keyboard, I have tried other downloadable version, they are all just as bad. I like to feel a response when I press a key, I am not a swiper. After consistently having to re-type words because of my pressed together inefficient touchscreen keyboard I started thinking, "Maybe I should go back to physical qwerty."


How many times have you not found an app or used your browser on your phone only to find the webpage that you are comfortable with on a pc is epicly distorted on your mobile screen? For me, the answer is "too many times." With the Passport the screen aspect is perfect to reflect the native values of the site you are visiting.


This is a sensitive subject with me. Not long ago I was the person, who thought my "strong" password was enough. Since then I have had my identity stolen and used to open a fraudulent credit card, my wow account hacked, and someone attempted to purchase a car with my information. I have immediately begun to batten down the hatches when it comes to security. I have authenticator's and RSA tokens for everything I can. Getting a Blackberry is just one additional step I can take to provide myself with additional security. Especially since the world is trending towards mobile payments.

All the aspects, that make the Blackberry Passport different are what made me look twice at it and really value its features. Technology works in a cycle form my experience as well. At first all phones were big, then they went small, now they are back to big because it provided real benefits. The same will happen with the Physical Qwerty and the Mobile security.

Disclosure: The author is long BBRY.

Additional disclosure: I went long into Blackberry because of my personal use, I invest in companies whose products provide a real purpose and value.