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The End of a National Political Party


The spending and philosophy of Government that has created the sometimes anemic economic growth this country has endured for the last 40 years has now been amplified and repackaged as the cure. The Democrats now hold the White House because the Bush administration could not hold the values and philosophies that brought him and his father into office. During the Gingrich years we saw government in check and economic growth normalized. Although, I may be preaching to the choir here, against the media spin and pop culture, tax cuts in the top brackets again brought higher revenue. The problem is they spent the increased revenue just as Congressional Democrats did under the Reagan years. The coming failure of government "investment" to create jobs will forever damage the Democratic party. The deeply entrenched special interest groups that control the party not will allow the party to reverse direction as Americans seek new leaders that will make dramatic changes in the philosophy and course of Government. Democrats are now again stained with the red ink of big Government. Stagnation will give voices like Ron Paul credibility and the country will begin to stop the insanity of runaway spending that has been the practice since the 70's, just as Reagan's voice during the Carter years. Reagan was able to slow growth for a time. The coming period of change will be profound and permanent, it will be the end of pop cultures affair with socialism, at least in the US. A robust recovery will avoid the political polarization that I speak of and that seems doubtful. Economic malaise will turn the electorate toward the philosophy of small(I should say tiny by comparison) Government. Hopefully Americans will find a political party that will ensure personal freedoms and check the influence of government in our lives, something that the Republican party has not done. If they find, say, the Libertarian party the Democratic party will be finished.