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A Time to Turn $500 into $1,000,000

If you are looking for some credible opportunity to turn $500 into $1,000,000, you will find the right place is on my Trade Notification list. In the coming, imminent stock market collapse you stand to be among those few who will do so well, because you will be looking over my shoulder as I play "Physician, heal thyself" for your benefit.

How will I do this? Simple. Using stock index options.

Don't know anything about options?

Hurry up. Get up to speed. It ain't rocket science.

This is not something I, myself, do with great regularity. Rather, options are a speculative endeavor best suited for those relatively rare moments when an outlook in the stock market can be objectively claimed exceptionally certain. This is the case right now.

Of course, there's no such thing as a sure thing investing in anything. This applies as much to the stock market as it does real estate and commodities.

However, right now, a wealth of both technical and fundamental evidence conclusively suggest the stock market is on the verge of collapse.

Get ready.