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Free Enterprise and Communism

 Knowing how to apply their knowledge to actual practice is to know how it all works for you and once you do know,  you have worked out the business.  The battle of the wage earners to the employers were what rate of pay to profitability.  Lenin in decreeing his equality pay for his worker state needed to loot the looters but when there was no loot to do any looting after Red October, Lenin revolved around with his new economic policy.  I'll keep the commanding height but the small business can be free in their enterprise.  It was a how to ensure steady employment at a fair rate of pay.  Is that social justice or capitalist enterprise?  Making the money is to know how ever your business work or else there is not much equality pay.  Regulating corporate enterprise was not to out price the company.  Because going out of business pay nothing but going from your rags to your riches is you going from your rags not to somebody else riches.  You are building up wealth for yourself.  Parting property of the employer to the employees who just worked but not worked out the business was only going from their riches back to more of their rags.  Calvin Coolidge argue as the President of the Massachusetts Senate.  There is no regulation.  "Government could not relieve us from toil, that large concerns are necessary for the progress in which capital and labor all have a common interest, and I defended representative government and the integrity of the courts." in The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, Chapter three The Law and Politics, page 107. Have faith in Massachusetts.  Build up wealth for yourselves.  That is to get into business for yourself.  As Adam in the Garden of Eden designed his own designer garden all of his way and that is all without an how to instructional manual from God, so to the people must depend on themselves rather than on legislating for success.  "The people began to realize that something  was wrong and began to wonder whether more laws, more regulations, and more taxes were really any benefit to them." in Chapter three The Law and Politics, page 111.  "To restore people of Massachusetts to their allegiance to sound government under a reunited party had at last been successful" on page 117.
  Employment at a fair wages is to base itself on prosperity.  How much do you know the business?  So sell me.  Why should I buy into your product?  Because making more of the money is not only profit making.  The money become disposable income.  Employee own is a group sale seminar and the prosperity pay is to be equally distribute without decree and direct orders.  Government own follow the same universal law of nature. 

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