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Fellow Investor,

I first started trading options in the 1970's and have been trading options full time for the last four years.

I have spent over three years developing what many believe is the best Multi-Strategy portfolio performance-and-trade-tracking Journal (MSJ) in the world. If you trade stocks, covered calls, naked puts/calls, vertical spreads, iron condors, strangles, futures and other strategies... the MSJ will handle them.

My MSJ is currently under review by JJ Kinahan, Chief Derivatives Strategist for TD Ameritrade... one of the largest brokerage firms in the world. Additionally, my journal is currently under review by Investools, also part of TD Ameritrade. Investools is an investor educational company that has trained over 500 thousand students over the last 25 is the largest investor educational firm in the world. Neither Ameritrade or Investools have ever developed any journal remotely similar to my robust MSJ.

Any serious trader should not be without my MSJ if their goal is to achieve their maximum trading potential to make money.

BetrOptions is pleased to offer you my new commercial release of the enhanced MSJ after more than three years of development. Take a free test drive with the trial version and we believe you'll agree that you must have it to unlock your true trading potential.

Why you should use the MSJ.

The MSJ is an invaluable report designed to enhance your trading skills and results by providing 31 vital statistics about your various trading strategies. It will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this information, you'll know where and when to make necessary adjustments to your trading style to make more consistent profits, improve risk management and produce a greater percentage return on your capital. The MSJ eliminates all the guesswork about your performance and delivers that necessary edge you've been seeking to achieve your maximum profit potential.

You may preview, at no cost, the greatly enhanced features, the 13 strategy worksheets, the 31 vital statistics generated per strategy... and the two page results summarizing the combined strategies of the journal.

The trial journal will allow you to post a maximum of four of your 2012 closed trades in each of the 13 strategies. This will enable you to experience posting to the different worksheets located at the bottom of the opening page.

At your election, the journal will allow multiple accounts of both taxable and tax deferred accounts to be tracked in a single journal. You can also set up individual journals for separate accounts.

The Results page will demonstrate the power and value of the journal. It will combine all of the strategies, revealing your financial results and grading from an A+ to F each of your individual strategies, plus your overall trading performance YTD. Any serious trader should not be without this journal if their goal is to achieve their maximum trading potential to make money.

Our mission is to serve your needs to track and analyze all of your various trading strategies by providing you with the best Multi-Strategy portfolio performance-and-trade tracking Journal. It will help you manage your results. The MSJ serves as both your rear view trading mirror and your GPS to future successful trades.

The time is now...the opportunity is yours. Take the next step and accept this offer by downloading the free trial journal today. Simply let me know by contacting me at or 706-467-2632 .

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Jim Lunceford


(706) 467-2632

1081 Cedar Ridge Ln.

Greensboro, GA 30642