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Comment To A PRO Article About Keryx: Keryx Is A Short For A Multitude Of Reasons

|Includes: Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (KERX)

Since I am not a PRO subscriber, but I somehow managed to view the article "Keryx is a short for a multitude of reasons'' posted by Logical Thought who was short on Keryx.

I just feel a little upset and amazed how people can post article far from the reality, which only benefits their own positions, such as the author in question.

1. He mentioned the high GI disorders from phase 3, which was not the stunning number at 43.9% but 6.9% vs 12.1% of active-control group.

2. He mentioned that Velphoro, 50% owned by Frenesius is superior to Auryxia for that Velphoro required only 3 pills. But why not mentioned the fact that Velphoro is chewable and has no differentiated effect on Iron intake, so low that it is negligible? (I am also wondering why Renvela, owned by Sanofi, with daily intake similar to Auryxia at 8 pills per day, becomes the indisputable sales leader?)

Chewable or not chewable, forget about it for a minute. Just wanna ask you another question: have you ever notice that in term of effectiveness as a phosphorous binder, Velphoro during the first 12 weeks (also in total 54 weeks of course) is inferior to Auryxia and to the active control group (Renvela). A phosphorous binder doesn't do its job, it will not sell. It is common sense. (Not to mention that, Frenesius also owns Phoslo but Frenesius hadn't pushed the sales either before introduction of Velphoro to the market.) effectiveness is key, not ownership here.

3. You mentioned that the generic IV Iron will be available shortly. However, have you noticed that 1. Auryxia reduced the hospitalization costs at $3002 per person per year 2. generic IV iron is still IV Iron with different co-pay rate and most important of all, IT IS STILL in the bundle system as IV Iron, so that nephrologists in Dialysis center would prefer to avoid prescribing any sort of IV Iron at all, if given the choice, no matter generic or branded.

For the IMS numbers, I have to say I am not a doctor and I never have been in a dialysis center before. However, compare data from one week 13 march over the week one month ago, isn't is too rush? I'd say the increase was probably the result from the deal signed with the big 2 dialysis center chain. I'd let time to beat you.

And last my last question to you is that Why you posted an article when you saw a jump of stock over the last Thursday and Friday? As you are so sure about the drug, why not posted it earlier when everybody was so afraid and when kerx was literally in the trash bin near $11 for so long?

Disclosure: The author is long KERX, RGLS, GILD.