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|Includes: CHIQ, EWH, FCGI, First Trust Chindia ETF (FNI), FXI, GXC, MCHI, PEK, PGJ, YAO


Our goal in this profile is to help investors wade through the many competing ETF offerings available. Using our long experience as an ETF publication, and nearly 40 years in the investment business, we can help select those ETFs that matter and may or may not be repetitive. The result is a more manageable list of issues from which to view and make selections.

China remains the world’s fastest growing economy continues to intrigue and draw investors to it. The high rated of economic growth has positive implications for investments opportunities. At the same time high rates of growth create inflationary pressures which can quickly cause turmoil and losses for linked equity markets. There remains a level of regulatory and corporate governance mistrust among some investors questioning the accuracy of accounting standards and enforcement.

There are enough ETF choices from which to choose and we provide you with some of the most popular choices. We’ve cobbled some good choices together and where repetitive choices exist we’ve paired some together having similarities too hard to ignore.

We’re not ranking these ETFs favoring one over another so don’t let the listing order mislead you. Although we may use some of these in ETF Digest portfolios it’s not our intention to recommend one over another.

Our technical analysis methodology involves using, where possible, monthly charts with enough data to allow investors to stay on the right side of the 12 month moving averages. Further, when market prices move too far above or below this moving average investors can assume a correction in the other direction will eventually take place. In this regard caution is advised.

ProShares and Direxion Shares both offer inverse and leveraged long ETFs for those investors wishing to hedge or speculate.


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