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Excellent investigative news coming from authors not on the payroll of moguls.

|Includes: News Corporation (NWS)

There is an interesting piece at SeekingAlpha about the decline of newspapers and the complaints from Rupert Murdoch, among others, about the way that Google and other search engines/micro-blogging platforms are "stealing" content.

It is a complex and obviously emotion charged debate which I am not going to venture into on this occasion. While I do not wish to question the valuable contributions that have been made by many fine journalists who are currently being made redundant by the collapse of venerable newspapers there are some opinions being expressed that are just not easy to agree with.

For example one of the commenters in regard to the SA article laments the demise of print journalism and goes on with the claim that "Truth, Accuracy, and Neutrality will be the big casualties of all of this."

Many of Mr. Murdoch's publications, to name just one proprietor that has enjoyed way too much power for too many years (on both sides of the Atlantic), have not exactly been big contributors to truth, accuracy and neutrality.

News discovery and investigation, and meaningful decoding/debunking of the PR efforts of governments, is increasingly moving to the blogosphere and written by people that are not on the payroll of moguls.

I would point readers to the blog authors listed in the blogroll on my blog site as some of the best journalists and analysts (that I am aware of) of current events in matters financial and beyond.

Many of these authors are independents and as such do not have to comply with the wishes of proprietors who have axes to grind and political favors to return.