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$40 per share to buy Motorola, it is a bargain. Nokia should be at $16

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Well Motorola's team did not do magic work that apple has done, but they have done pretty good job on designing android phone and pad. I have been looking for an android pad lately and still feel Xoom is a good choice before Sumsang's new Galaxy pad (it does not support external memory). Don't forget it is unfair to compare Xoom the first of first generation android pads with the latest second generation pad from Sumsang.

I believe Motorola's next Pad will be super good.  Motorola's revenue per share is $43, the price Google offered is even lower than revenue. By considering the market size and the better execution Motoroda has in China, this is a bargain to Google. And I believe owning a hardware vender will provide far bigger profit margin to the final all-in-one product from Google.

NOKIA should be at $16 per share

The Motorola deal makes NOK look super cheap now. Nokia's profit is better than  Motorola. Nokia's revenue/share is $16 and it is about 2.5 times of its current price. It is ready for new lines of Windows phones that will be released only a few months away. If Motorola worth $40 per share today by having 1:1 ratio to its revenue/share. Nokia should worth $16 per share.