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Many Commodities And FX Markets Seem To Be At A Breaking Point From A Reversal Made Earlier


Copper, Silver and Gold seemed to have reached the end of their reversals and coming back down.

EUR and GBP also seemed on the edge of breaking down again.

Palm oil and soybean oil should be reversing up.

I just want to make a quick note here without charts. At the time I am speaking, 12:30 pm SGP time (GMT +8 hrs):

SIZ7: 17.260/17.265 (Silver December Futures)

GCZ7: 1315.70/1315.80 (Gold December Futures)

HGZ7: 2.9625/2.9630 (Copper December Futures)

6EZ7: 1.19110/1.19115 (EUR December Futures)

6BZ7: 1.3516/1.3517 (GBP December Futures)

ZLZ7: 34.07/34.08 (Soybean Oil December Futures)

Palm Oil: 5608/5610 (Dalian Palm Oil)

Disclosure: I am/we are short SIZ7.

Additional disclosure: I am short Silver, copper, EUR, GBP futures.