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Are You Time Effective With Your Trading?

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), ERF

Are you time effective with your trading? If you're trading as a side business or full business one has to ask themselves 'Is this worth the time I'm putting in?'

Add up all of the hours you've dedicated to researching, trading, watching the markets, watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer (I hope you don't watch this show) and Bloomberg. Now take your trading profits and divide it by the hours spent with this task...

As a retail trader, it's probably a bit disheartening isn't it? Many of us likely are around breaking even or worse as individual traders. If this was a reality check for you like it was for me, I'd recommend to transition away from short term trading such as day trading and seek high reward set ups with swing trading, dividends, interest yielding currencies and bonds. Set and forget can be a great road to success over the long term and it will keep stress off your shoulders big time.

Yes I've been very general with this post. Okay if you're young, buy these volatile high yielding high reward stocks and HOLD for a few months. EURCHF in Forex, AUDUSD in Forex, ERF in stocks (currently at 13.80-14.10 in price action) with 13%+ yields.

Or if you've got a nice 6 figure plus portfolio skip the risk and buy AAPL, which currently gives off over $10 per share held a year in dividends.